Flipping through the news last night, this story caught my eye. My mom was shocked; I, on the other hand, I found the research data predictable. Whether it be because sex is not as satisfying for many women or because women really do love shopping more than anything, this is an interesting topic. Let’s open it up for a fun discussion; I would love to hear all of your thoughts.

A Giorgio over a Brad Pitt?

In a survey conducted by Unilever, the consumer products giant, found women on average would abstain from sex for a Prada, a Bisou-Bisou or an Armani.

In fact, in a questionnaire of a thousand women, in ten major cities, women would forego sex for, say, about 15 months, in exchange for new apparel.

And two percent of the women took haute couture to the extreme complete makeover, claiming, for a new closet full of clothes, they would give up the thrill of sex for three years.

For men, it may be more than a Bud Light for those dark and lonely nights.

Get this!

Sixty-one percent of the women polled said they’d lose it, if they lost their favorite outfit, and claim that it would be worse than losing the chance at love-making for a month.

When asked which wears better, over time, well, it wasn’t relationships. The average woman has hung to her most adored attire for 12 years, which is one year longer than the average woman’s longest relationship.

Love’s not forever lost, however, about seventy percent of the women in this survey, do believe in ‘love at first sight’.


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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Anon

    What about masterbation?

  • Kat

    Never. Sex saves me money and it feels much better, no buyers remorse.

  • I say a shopping trip to Neiman Marcus DOES come CLOSE.

  • Bec

    Are you kidding? I’ve had a boyfriend for 19 months and he’s such a workaholic we never have time for sex. I’ll take the clothes any day of the week. And if we are talking haute couture I’ll wear a chastity belt.

  • Acey

    Wow… that’s a tough one. Two of my favorite things …

  • hatbox

    Definitely taking the sex. Having beautiful clothes doesn’t compare to being told how beautiful you are without them…

  • Naggy

    I’d so much, much, much rather have a great body and show it off than great clothes and show them off. You know what? Forget great, I want phenomenal! (ipad)