This Wednesday is the one year anniversary of the tragic school shooting Virgina Tech experienced on April 16th, 2007. Recently, Northern Illinois University (NIU) experienced a shooting tragedy on their campus as well. These tragic events have effected everyone, and hit home to the college community. This year a team of alumni from Virginia Tech and the Ohio State University (OSU) will hold an event to remember both tragedies and raise money for both memorial and scholarship funds created by the Universities.

This event has nothing to do with handbags, but I find it very compelling to share the information. I remember sitting in my hotel room listening to the news unfold of the VT school shootings. At the time I was in Europe and their cities were speaking about it and even offering condolences when they realized we were American. These tragedies affected all people of all countries around the world. While Vlad and I cannot make the events in San Diego or Virgina this week, we hope any of you in the area will stop by, have some food and drinks (proceeds from each restaurant will be donated to both schools). If you happen to make it to Dogfish Head Alehouse, make sure to ask for Shannon Mahoney, my sister, who has helped put this together and will be representing Purse Blog.

The Event
Since we are not an organization with a tax number, or a non-profit foundation, we will not be accepting donations directly. Please use the links provided here and please attend one of the following events on April 16, 2008 to show your support. Each restaurant has Wi-Fi and we will be providing laptops for people who would like to donate on the spot. Proceeds will be donated from each restaurant so your presence only makes our event more of a success. We are being hosted on April 16, 2008, at the following locations:

Dogfish Head Alehouse
6220 Leesburg Pike
Seven Corners Shopping Center
Falls Church, VA 22044

Pacific Beach Shore Club
6220 4315 Ocean Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92109

Rockafellers Restaurant
308 Mediterranean Ave.
Rudee Inlet
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Bub’s Dive Bar and Grill
1030 Garnet Ave
San Diego, Ca 92109

Find more information at VT Coast 2 Coast online.

Coffee & Cream

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