New York Fashion Week commenced today, and that means a bit of mayhem for most fashion websites and writers. The PurseBlog team tackles NYFW in a bit of a different way; our focus is on the bags and accessories going down the runway, as well as the bag trends on display among the show-goers themselves. We’ve planned coverage that we’re sure you will love, including some of the biggest names in fashion and Vlad’s street style photos.

I always love seeing what people are carrying; I want to get ideas for my next purchase and take the temperature of the market. Fashion Week may have just kicked off, but I am anticipating seeing many industry insiders with the Fendi By The Way Bag, one of my new obsessions. The By The Way bag was released last summer, and since its debut, the design’s popularity has steadily picked up steam.

I’m among those who love the bag, and among the reasons is because there are so many versions in such a large variety of colors, materials and textures. I love the simplicity of the design; the under-the-radar appeal is precisely what lures me in. Like one of my other favorite bags, my Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote, the Fendi By The Way Bag also has three interior compartments, which is ideal for organization.

And can we talk about this pale blue hue? I’m in love, and not only am I obsessed over it, but it may be the next bag I add to my collection. Are you loving the Fendi By The Way as much as I am? Purchase via Net-A-Porter for $2,115.

Fendi By The Way Light Blue 1

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  • D

    Yes! It’s on my list too

  • Nicole

    I’ve been really drawn to this bag since it came out but haven’t purchased one yet. I don’t like the styles with the crocodile tail very much, and the cool, pastel colors that have been out lately don’t do much for my coloring. I want my perfect By the Way to come out soon bc this bag is such an adorable style!

    • jayson

      Hey Nicole, i work at Fendi, if you like I can email all the pics of the color that this bag become avaliable in.

  • a classic! So simple and understated! thanks for sharing.

  • anon

    I’m not sure. I think this is one of those bags where I’m not into it at first, but over time I will, you know? Lol.

  • Ellejays11

    It’s actually the first Fendi I’ve considered. I like the small details. This shade is amazing!

  • kate

    I am really loving Fendi bags lately

  • S

    I have it in a darker blue and love it so much! Functional and beautiful. I especially love how well thought out the handles and straps are – easily converting from cross body to shoulder length, and the handles lay flat against the bag until you need them. Occasionally my hair will catch on the snaps but not enough to make it bothersome. The leather is super soft and high quality. It is subtly luxurious but still casual and roomy enough for my life (mom to a 7 yr old). Overall it is one of my favorite bags.

  • FashionableLena

    I love this bag, but I would rather have one in grey or brown. It’s a beautiful bag.

  • Sofia

    I hate how the zipper doesn’t zip all the way across

  • Mya Wilkes

    Nope, I just don’t feel any attraction to it whatsoever, it’s like bleh for me. Your love for it certainly hasn’t waned though Megs. Lovely colour still.

  • klama torby

    hahaha, everybody is doing Hermes.
    First Celine decoded the core of charm of Birkin Bag and launched flared gussets trend and now Fendi is doing Oxer.
    Hermes rulez :-))))

  • HfromT

    I’ve never seen this bag before…LOVE it!! Please get it Megs, and then do a review so we can hear your thoughts on its functionality, etc. I would get this in a NY minute if it came in a darker color.

  • Sandy

    I really love this bag. I love the version with the tail, although I probably will not buy the tail version as I think it would become annoying when you carry it. I have not decided on this years bag yet, this one is in the running. I worry about staying power of a bag…I try and only purchase bags that will stand the test of time.

  • Smithy

    I like the color, but overall for me, this bag is just okay. I’m not a big fan of these long dangling shoulder straps that are standard these days on most handheld totes. I think it makes bags look messy and takes away from the beauty. This bag is cute hand held and it seems the availability of the shoulder strap would be a necessity, but dangling there while it’s handheld…..not for me.

  • fashion.foward

    i love this bag and all but i can only see me using this bag as a top handle bag. By looking at the bag, it isn’t very fitting for the body. Once you use the cross body strap, the makes it seem as it becomes very bulky and sticks out of the body making it uncomfortable to carry compared to the hermes constance or celine box… just my opinion…

  • I have in dark red from the winter collection. One of the best bags I have bought in a long time. It is great for traveling and very versatile. I can’t wait to add another to my collection!

  • “The ‘Old Guy at the Other End of the Leash’, wouldn’t let me comment on where to put my bones in this bag, instead he rattled on about how elegant the smooth and sophisticated look of quality leather shown through, a ‘celebration of simplicity and class’ or something like that, so I have to behave on this one……” Ginger, “Baby Spice”

  • Izzy

    The Fendi By The Way or Grande Bauletto are beautifully made and easy to carry bags. I purchased one when it was first introduced and I love it!

  • FendiLover

    I got the large version of this bag about three months ago, and I LOVE it! I was deciding between the Petit 3Jours (with a removable strap) or the By the Way, and I am so happy with my purchase. It’s extremely versatile and the price point won’t break the bank. But sadly, sometimes I wish I had gotten the powder blue color. I would recommend this bag in a heartbeat.

  • Laura Hess

    I just bought this bag in the small basic brown. I needed a casual bag and this fits the bill nicely. I’m surprised at how much I can fit in it for the small size. I also love the fact that you can carry this bag 4 different ways: 1) cross body, 2) shoulder strap, 3) top handle, or 4) clutch. Very versatile. I am sure I will use it all summer.