I opine about Fendi a lot, but right now, its handbag business is the most interesting on the luxury mass-market. Six months ago, I’d have told you that there’s no way I’d ever feel even the slightest temptation to hang a $700 furry monster keychain from every handbag I won, and here we are today. That temptation is real, and based on how quickly the Fendi Bag Bugs sell, I’m not the only one feeling it. Today, though, my temptation is for the Fendi Demi-Jour Shoulder Bag.

The 2Jours has been so successful for Fendi that its transformation into other bag structures was inevitable. Fendi’s inventiveness, both in construction and detail, has been its hallmark lately, though, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it didn’t take a super-obvious route when turning the 2Jours into the Demi-Jour. The hardware bar across the bag’s top is the same, as is the overall angular-minimal feel of the design, but this shoulder bag gets its own identity impressed upon the 2Jours DNA. If only all brands were so thoughtful when fleshing out full lines based on their most popular bags. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1,850.

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9 years ago

Mmmmm mmm! I think this is a gorgeous bag! It looks younger, more wearable than the 2Jour but still has the same style. Love it.

Elaine Weiss Whitman
Elaine Weiss Whitman
9 years ago

This bag is absolutely divine. It makes me think of springtime. I hadn’t realized it was color-blocked until I saw all the images at Net-a-Porter… they implemented the 3-color look impeccably! The size is also perfect (for me, at least… at 5′ tall, large bags drown me) and the compartments are perfect for keeping everything organized. My only concern: I would worry a bit about the white part of the bag getting dirty over time. Does Fendi recommend any protective treatment?
I must have missed the furry monster keychains, Amanda… where was that post? And why do furry monsters cost $700???

GG Pastel