Lions and tigers and stripes, oh my! I can’t help but think of the circus when I look at the Fendi Studded One + One Drawstring-Top Satchel. The pairing of a lot of color and additional texture makes this bag an attention grabber.

Fendi handbags have lost a bit of traction over the years since the heyday of the Fendi Spy, but the brand continues to make a real go at it, and I’m sure that they’ll find that perfect, magic bag again. (The Peekaboo was almost there, but not quite.) This tote in particular is playful in so many ways and practical in very few. With all the multicolor pyramid studs and rainbow stripes on the drawstring-closure canvas top, it is easy to miss the double top handles, thin shoulder stap, and removable crossbody strap. But what works for some doesn’t for others, which is precisely why I am leaving the judgement of this bag in your hands.

Fill in the blank: The Fendi Studded One + One Drawstring-Top Satchel is _________.

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  • Aidan

    looks like a purse i carried around when i was eight years old that a rainbow exploded all over…. and not in a good way…

  • anonymous


  • Rashida_16


  • Musette

    oh, dear.

  • I like it! its fun and quirky !

  • Lynn

    Without a doubt, it would go with anything you’re wearing!

  • abcd?

    is hideous

  • Sandra Rowley

    Love the Chameleon, hate this one.

  • KoutureCrochet

    Confirming why I don’t get fendi

  • Jules1202000

    Carnival time!

  • Monica

    Confusing!  The stripes look like Coach.  I think if they had chosen a solid color for the drawstring top, even something bright, it would have looked better.

  • mlle p

    a fright – as if they let some Fendi tot design something as a joke and it accidentally got made.

  • Stephanie

    Butt ugly!  Can I say that?

  • Emcooper


  • KenV

    I can find this in WalMart, right? It would fit right in. 

  • Lola


  • Babs

    …bad…on many levels…

  • Pixiegirl

    This bag looks like it just threw up the 80’s and not in a good way. Funky colors and someone broke out the bedazzler!!!

  • Happy_kid00


  • Thedeathparade

    The ugliest circus bag I have ever seen

  • 19yearslater

    kind of cute but in the end not useable enough. 

  • Lula

    Too many colors on this one..makes it really busy. But I don’t hate other versions of the bag. I adore a milky white one with golden studs, thinking of getting it actually!

  • Nicole

    Hybrid bag of coach and Kate Spade and not in a good way

  • Never let the sun go down on your anger

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    ……overpriced when Fendi didn’t even bother to offer a zipper! 

  • print_magnets

    This fendy bag may be too colorful but nonetheless, these details made the bag look unique in a good way. I love how the brown base was paired with the rainbow-like beads.

  • Camilla

    I disagree. I have loved these bags (there are in more colors), since the first time. I think this is a NEW MODEL, in a see where everybody copy…wonderful style

  • Tagatha

    Cheerful! Although I would like it more if it the leather was darker, maybe chocolate brown?

  • Topazskye


  • Suz

    Awful….dead hippie…..some things should never be revisited.

  • FashionableLena

    almost wearable.  The studs should have been a burnished brass or bronze.  I love the colored lining that peeks out on the top.  But, the lining is giving me a Coach vibe.  To be honest, if it the bag were solid leather, I’d wear it.  The leather, shape, and silhouette are beautiful.

  • Valentina

    one has said, here, regarding Silvia Fendi´s own words, “Fendi is not for everyone”. and I thinks it´s exactely what you´ve finished to say: ” what works for some, does not for others”
    that´s it, just like every single major griffes out there!

    • boperea

      fendi’s bags aren’t for everyone.  they are for an intellectual, eurotrash, jet set women who goes against the grain…  the future of italian fashion as they call it.  it is at the heart of the house, just look at the furs!  what is so funny… this will be the style in a couple seasons and everyone will be carrying something similar.  just look how other houses have already copied fendi this season with the perforiated bags. 

  • Umfahad

    The Fendi Studded One + One Drawstring-Top Satchel is a crime against fashion.

  • Jgp_

    gaudy and way overpriced.

  • klynneann

    I don’t like this one, but some of the other colors in this style are actually pretty nice.

  • lucy


  • Natalie

    Ain’t going anywhere. Some people are not doing their job at Fendi…. playing solitaire?