Fendi Selleria Hobo Shoulder Bag

Do you ever have those days where you to not see the light of day, as in you do not leave your house? Not because you are sick or can’t, you just choose not to. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I did, however, force myself to get out and stop by Pier 1 in the evening to see if there were any good Halloween decorations left. After that I came home and online shopped at JCrew. Sure, I could have gone to the store, but no need. And really, have you seen the new clothing updated at JCrew? Why buy a $500 couture shirt when there are $68 shirts at JCrew that look great? That is what I say at least. And I opted for some big floral prints. With a busy outfit, your handbag has to be completely simple and toned down. Avoid prints and busy combinations of materials. That seems obvious. But you should also avoid too many pockets, buckles, and outside adornments when pairing a bag with a busy outfit.

I haven’t loved a Fendi bag in quite some time. And I was hoping this bag would change my mind on Fendi, but it is unimaginative to me. The Fendi Selleria Hobo Shoulder Bag at least gives a bland palette, only sporting navy leather with contrast topstitching. I do love the gold hardware which really offsets the navy leather. There is also a woven shoulder strap and top zip. What do you think, too bland or just right? Buy through Net A Porter for $1560.

P.S. I realize that Shannon already covered this bag, but I wanted to give a different take on this bag!

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  • mette

    How funny, just a few hours ago I checked NAP,since today´s the day they show their new stuff and this is the only item I enlarged and thought that it will soon be shown on the bag blogs. Selleria bags all have the stitching showing,right? And perhaps it´s just the stitching that kind of gives this bag an unfinished look. But on the other hand-it is the only decoration and if you take it away,all that is left,is the color,which is so and so. The price is too high,your paying only for the label,which is presented clearly.

  • Kate

    I’m not loving the stitching, but as mette said it’s pretty much the only distinctive thing about the bag.

  • The stitching is signature of Selleria bags. I got my sister a great Selleria wallet, but it really had some quality control issues. The bag itself it simple, plain, and ok. But it just isn’t enough, even for plain.

    You hit the nail on the head mette!

  • Adams

    i would have to say of all the fendi’s i have saw. I like this one but i would prefer the Coach woven hobo or braided zoe over this one.

  • dyjann

    I love the colour combo..gold and purple…but yeah, too pricey for a plain bag…

  • FendiFan

    The Selleria is such a classic line, it isn’t trendy, or over-the-top, just shows that you recognize a well-made beautiful handbag. Plus, it’s not dated, it doesn’t scream “last season!” I try and buy pre-owned, they’re made so well, that you can usually find them in great condition for half the price! http://www.BagAmbition.com has a brown top handle bag on their site that looks like it’s in great condition.

  • dierregi

    Contrary to far too many Fendi bags this one is about right, only a little too plain for the price.

  • Anilu Magloire

    I absolutely LOVE it!

  • Ellez

    I can’t decide if I like because it’s something not completely hideous for once or if it is something I truly find attractive. Would I like it as much if it was from another more classic and traditional brand or would I find it bland? I just can’t decide.

  • Merve

    Do i like it as a bag? yes sure why not. Is it bland? yes very

  • RoddyJones

    This is a plain bag, but can see it going nicely with a business suit. It’s not the bag to catch everyone’s eye while having a night on the town or happy hour, but can see if for the office and church.

  • kathleen

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  • Designer

    Wonderful tips .. thank you!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    don’tlike blue purses. I never saw a blue animal (fb)

  • nini

    really cute! (ipad)