Fendi Mink Spy Bag

Starting off with a price tag of nearly $10,000, the Fendi Mink Spy was released early last year and caused quite a fuss. The fluffy white Danish mink fur, along with the silvertone mesh metal double handles and the fine satin lining are a pricey force to be reckonned with. Going big all the way, the bag sports a hidden python coin purse with a snap closure. Luxury in every orifice. Although this bag has since been retired from the Saks site, there may still be a few lingering around. Call your local Fendi boutique or check Saks for $9450.

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  • Jason

    What the heck is an “ofphice”? Do you mean “orifice”?

  • Yep, I did! Thanks!

  • riffraff

    Ewwwww sorry but this is really awful!

  • amna

    its nt dat badd :neutral:

  • tia

    it is ok

  • sara

    i think it looks nice thats y i got 1

  • stephanie mcclean

    it look nice :!: on me… kidding its great :wink:

  • carolin

    its the fabulous :wink: thing i ever seen :!: :!: that is style

  • Ana

    I think this is God-awful, I totally despise furry bags.. there’s just nothing stylish about them in any way shape or form and I’m not sure how anyone can pay that much money for one. Not to mention the fact that spill something on it and it’s screwed.

  • jenny

    :cry: I wish I could have a bag as beautiful as this….

  • Cindy

    Lovely bag…got 1 as well!

  • jojo

    how can I make this bag mine? Does it really costs $10.000 ?? It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!! I just want it!!!!!!!

  • DJDJD Do Something Club

    You people are sick. Did you know that 55 minks are killed to make one mink coat? That’s sad. This disgusts me. Why would you want an ugly purse like this, anyway? Sure, mink fur is cute. On a mink. Would you want to put your cell phone or lipstick into a dead animal? Didn’t think so.

  • Naggy

    Wow, I just want to cuddle with it. (ipad)

  • gatiloby

    q asco me dan de verdad malditos enfermos!