Perhaps I’m merely willing to indulge Fendi’s recent logo-bag silliness because of the beautiful runway collections the brand has given us over the past few seasons, but first I liked Fendi‘s slightly bizarre horse-head tote, and now I find myself enjoying the flowered-but-not-frilly Fendi Roll Bag Tote.

I think the more likely explanation is that these recent bags show a brand that’s not taking itself too seriously, which is always worthy of applause. The double-dipped logo patterns of this tote could easily read gaudy and dated, but the somewhat delicate way in which they’re combined creates an oddly pleasant visual dissonance for which I’m willing to set aside my general distaste for logo bags.

For me, the thing that makes this tote work is the fact that the lighter and darker patterns don’t line up. If they had, it would just have looked like one sheet of pattern was dyed with a flower pattern; instead, the mismatched Fs give you a better impression of the topstitched fabric flowers (the yellow thread even adds some detail to the flowers, but you have to zoom in to see it), which looks far more interesting than just a regular pattern. In fact, the only think I don’t like about this bag is the price – for a simple fabric tote, no matter how whimsical, the price should be under $1000. Buy through Saks for $1010.

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  • Stacy

    it’s different and interesting which is good for them but do agree with you not for the price tag they’re asking. for that price I say it’s an epic fail.

  • bindc

    I like it!

  • Stylista

    I like it! It’s a great way of detracting attention from the monograms.

  • qudz104

    it is soo cute! But i agree about the pricepoint, it is a bit much for fabric.

  • shueaddict

    while I admire the flowers twist, it is still nothing but a glorified logo bag. I much prefer the horse one.

  • Jamie

    The double dipped logo patterns actually give a textured look to the pattern.
    As a person that is not crazy about logo patterns, it actually works for me.

  • Tiffany

    OOH I love it! want it!

  • KFDJewels

    I love this bag. I purchased a Zucca bag with a picture of a bagutte on it last year. I think its fun! I also purchased a makeup case with a shamrock on it. I was at the Ceasar forum shops in Vegas and went into Fendi and was excited to see something so different! I had to have it :)

  • Melissa

    I like, and am always in the market for a new fun variation of the roll tote. I do agree that it is overpriced for the Zucca line and this model.

  • nini

    what an original twist to a logo bag!! (ipad)

    • Jelita78

      ditto! was thinking the exact same thing!
      sooooo fendi-ish! (ipad)

  • helen

    I like the floral motif. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Liking it! (ipad)

  • nini

    creative print…but the structure leaves something to be desired. (ipad)