Fendi Cracked Suede Baguette, $990 in blue or silver via Bergdorf Goodman

For an entire generation of women (of which I’m a part), the Fendi Baguette was the first It Bag to penetrate our collective consciousness. Indeed, many fashion people count its popularity as the dawn of the entire It Bag concept, and I probably have its existence to credit, at least in small part, to my current employment. In handbag history, the role of this little Fendi bag can’t be overstated.

Like anything, though, the heady days of Sex and the City passed and the Baguette fell out of favor to make way for the Chloe Paddington, the Fendi Spy and all the other must-have, “ungettable get” bags that followed. The fashion industry is endlessly cyclical, though, and eventually everything old is new again. Nearly 15 years after its launch, is it time for the Fendi Baguette’s second act?

As far as I know, Fendi never stopped manufacturing various versions of the Baguette but instead shuffled it to the back burner while the Spy, BBag and Peekaboo took their turns in the sun. It didn’t make an appearance on the Spring 2012 runway, but seeing this version of the bag in Bergdorf Goodman’s Resort 2012 arrivals section got me to thinking; Fendi’s spring bags look like they’re going to be a bit of a bust. Favor seems ready to swing back to shoulder bags, but smaller designs still rule the day, perhaps because we’re still all paying our chiropractors to fix our backs and shoulders from the last time that enormous bags were en vogue.

The Baguette, with its simple, familiar design, has already proved itself as a perfect canvas for bold color combinations and any manner of embellishment, both of which are important trends in accessory design at the moment (and neither seems to be going anywhere in the near future). I hated Fendi’s Spring 2012 runway bags and so did most of you, and I’m starting to think that a return to tradition might be in order for Fall. Would you be interested in seeing the return of the original It Bag? Buy through Bergdorfs for $990 in blue or silver.

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  • Fiona-Brazil

    The zebra sequined baguette was my first “obscure object of desire” and I still love and cherish them.I have four very pretty one’s , bought the last a couple of months ago from a vintage store, leopard spots with embroided roses, a truly beauty!

  • edoardo

    I love this bag maybe these two models have a strange print that remind me too much Borbonese ones however the shape and whole aesthethic is very cool!


  • mochababe73

    I still have my Baguette and wear it often when I want to lighten my load.

  • rose60610

    Nice bag, classic shape. I can see why it’s popular and coveted. It’s nice to see a premium designer bag under $2500.

  • Rach

    will be ordering the blue one! nice price too! …. relatively

  • lintmag

    The silver is pretty, but would have to see it in real life to decide – I think they could make a comeback with the right materials and colors.

    • mochababe73

      I went to Neiman’s today, and they look pretty in person.

  • PhotoGirl

    Still have mine, still love it.

  • Vicky

    I like the simple shape of it. No wonder it was so coveted. Thinking about getting one.

  • marinaharbour

    To soon to be back!!!, I have it and I have no interest in wearing it, maybe in many years from now!!!! Sorry but NO way!

  • Bir

    Hmmmm never did like it much if it comes back thats fine ….but its just so shape less I think this appeals more to those who were there in its original glory days like those who saw star wars at it’s premiere, it just seems that when bag moments come back they should come back revamped and fresh like Louis vuittons graffitti but……… How much can you overdecorate or re do this little bag .

  • Fiona-Brazil

    Some objects (bags) are classic, timeless!That said , the baguette is an example.There are two categories of people : one who follows the trends and people who set the trends.

  • Subbz

    In Augest of this year was my introduction to the luscious life of Carrie and co, on Sex and The City. Yes the very late bloomer I am felt a sudden infatuation with baguettes, and basically anything small on the shoulder, glad glad glad I am for it’s return, hope the comeback comes with various designs and alterations just like the first time around.