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Four Major Themes We Spotted in the Spring 2024 Collections

Yes, big bags on the runway are going strong...


And suddenly, as quickly as it began, Fashion Month has come to its official close. Though we’re always sad to see one of the most inspiring times of the year for fashion die down, it also means that we’re able to return to our regularly scheduled programming! Over the last month, we brought you the best street-style bags from all of the cities to reviews of collections from Loewe and Prada to Louis Vuitton and more.

Not only does Fashion Month give us a look at what’s to come from our favorite brands, but by looking at the shows as a whole it gives us a good idea of what will be trending in the handbag world. It’s during fashion month that all of our predictions for the upcoming season are squared away. In past seasons, puffy, pillowy bags were everywhere, but designers are trading statement padded leather for statement skins this season.

Check out some of the exotics we spotted below and discover the other trends we saw during the Spring 2024 fashion month season.

Skin Is In

One of the major trends we saw on the runways was exotic skins – some may be faux, some may be the real deal, but this season, it seemed like every designer added exotics to their bag lineup. We’re not just talking neutral embossed crocs, either. We saw colorful snakeskin, ostrich, lizard, and more.

All Strapped In

A smaller trend, but one we still spotted from time to time that is reminiscent of some of our favorite bags of the past (thinking of you #OldCeline), was belted, strapped in totes. From the ladylike strapping at Dior to the exaggerated buckles on Prada’s belted totes, buckle up your wallet if this is a trend you’d fall for.

Round About

Round bags made the Spring 2024 season go round…sorry, we had to! From the half-moon shapes of Valentino and Hermès to the full circle bags of Louis Vuitton and Altuzzara, curved lines will continue to reign come Spring.

The Bigger the Better

Like it or not, big bags are here to stay! While they may not be the most practical anymore for those who don’t tote around their entire lives, this season, massive daily haulers continued to appear on the runway. From Bottega Veneta to Victoria Beckham and Loewe, smushy big bags were spotted at the shows…but will they make it to the streets?


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  1. pinksky777 Avatar

    Well my big bag of choice made it to the streets a whole month and a half previous to any runway trends. The large Bottega hop is here to stay – mark my words.

    1. Sheree Daye Avatar
      Sheree Daye

      I agree! Love my big bags. I am truly amazed on the mini bags. What can you put in them? Not much! They are cute tho

  2. Kaly Avatar


  3. #1Snob Avatar

    Big bag superiority!!! 👜👜👜 Bring in the Birkin 35’s and 40’s, Kelly 28 and 32’s!! 🎉

    1. Kim Avatar

      *feeling validated* after purchasing a Kelly 32 🙂

  4. Ali A Avatar
    Ali A

    I needed big bags to come back. I love small and micro bags but I always over stuff then lose things.

  5. Adangerousbeauti Avatar

    The only trend that stuck to my mind are holding large satchel bags like a clutch, not by the handle, which doesnt make sense at all

  6. Martyp Avatar

    I can hear my neck, shoulders, arms and back squeaking by watching that big bag trend.

    1. Kim Avatar

      Hahahahaha, strap on sister xo

  7. Catherine L Walker Avatar
    Catherine L Walker

    I am so happy to hear big bags are back. I love my Birkin 35’s so much and my Kelly 35. I always feel better carrying all the things I need with me. Being very tall I felt silly carrying small bags.

  8. Becky Avatar

    I feel like I could curl up in those bigger bags and take a little nap!

  9. Kimberly Marie Avatar
    Kimberly Marie

    I don’t understand anyone who would spend thousands of dollars on a bag, and then let someone else tell them when it was “in” or if it was “out”. I continue to carry any bag I have ever purchased until I no longer love it. I still have several of my favorite bags from the late 90’s and early 2000s and carry them off and on whenever I get the urge. I love the shape, so my black and brown leather Fendi Spy bags… will never go out of style for me. My black and brown leather Gucci Sukey bags will always be “in” for me. So will my black leather Burberry Brindle Whip Stitch, Chloe Marcie bag and LV limited edition Irene bag. Not to mention my LV Mizi bag! That is one of my all-time favorite bags. I carried that a few days ago and young girl at Home Goods was GUSHING over it… I asked her how old she was… she was 17 and told me at least 4 times how much she loved it. I have retired a couple Prada bags as I grew tired of them, but for the most part, Prada is my work horse bag, and they are still all looking really good, so they are here to stay as well. I have had a couple hundred bags over my lifetime. I’ve never had less than 20 or so black bags, so even my everyday bags still look great. If you take care of your bags… (mine are all in excellent condition as I have had them in my walk-in handbag closed for years, I have purse organizers, so I change out my bags often, before I worked remote full time, I would sometimes change out my bags daily, and I always store them properly, so I will carry my favorite bags until I can no longer carry a bag!

    1. Sheree Daye Avatar
      Sheree Daye

      I even carry my vintage Coach bags when the feeling hits me. I love bags periodt.

  10. MomIn4inch Avatar

    I had hoped the half moon shapes and the round bags would be out. Not pretty and hard to get into.
    Although a masterpiece in craftmanship the huge Bottega Veneta is plain ridiculous.