Jonathan Anderson Embraces Normcore at Loewe for Spring 2024

Elevated basics and bags that are anything but...

What do women want to wear? It’s a question Jonathan Anderson has asked himself many times throughout the design process, and while in 2023, it’s obvious that yes, they want to wear Loewe, the answers are actually more complex. This season, Anderson explores the pragmatic silhouettes that define a wardrobe but reimagines them in intricate, interesting ways.

Defined by a muted palette of greys, browns, and black with red, tangerine, and purple accents, wardrobe staples like button-front cardigans, blazers, and baggy jeans lend a stylish but practical appeal. This practicality is broken up by exaggerated proportions, like an oversized chunky knit cardigan with massive gold buttons and ultra-high-wasted pants.

The Bags of Loewe Spring 2024

As for the bags, buttery soft leathers are a compliment to the rich textures seen throughout. The Squeeze bag, which is quickly proving to be Loewe’s next big hit, is seen in rich hues in both classic leather and exotics as well as novelty iterations. Meanwhile, the new Pebble Bucket Bag, which debuted at the Men’s show earlier this year, arrives in smooth leather and tactile suede. Defined by its distinct pebble-shaped hardware, it’s seen in both mini and medium sizes and is a true testament to Loewe’s under-the-radar appeal but storied leathercraft.

View bags from the runway below, images via Loewe.

Loewe SS 2024 Bags
Loewe Spring 2024 Bags 2
Loewe Spring 2024 Bags 3
Loewe Spring 2024 Bags 4
Loewe Spring 2024 Bags 5
Loewe Spring 2024 Bags 6
Loewe Spring 2024 Bags 7
Loewe Spring 2024 Bags 8
Loewe Spring 2024 Bags 9
Loewe Spring 2024 Bags 10
Loewe Spring 2024 Bags
Loewe SS 2024 Bags 2
Loewe SS 2024 Bags 3
Loewe SS 2024 Bags 4
Loewe SS 2024 Bags 5
Loewe SS 2024 Bags 6
Loewe SS 2024 Bags 7
Loewe SS 2024 Bags 8
Loewe SS 2024 Bags 9
Loewe SS 2024 Bags 10


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  1. Terri Avatar

    The croc Squeeze bag is TDF! <3

  2. psny15 Avatar

    The bags in these colors and textures are beautiful ❤️

  3. Mingi Avatar

    Is the puzzle tote an extra large size?

  4. FashionableLena Avatar

    I don’t get the hype behind the Squeeze bag. I find it ugly. Then again, I don’t like hobo bags nor am I easily influenced.

    1. xec Avatar

      wow you’re so special

      1. Anon Avatar

        To be fair, Loewe is being jammed down everyone’s throat as the alternative to “loud luxury” while also printing bags covered in Loewe straps, logos etc. When every YouTube “influencer” starts pushing Loewe as the connoisseurs choice you know sheep are soon to follow. That said, some of the colours in this collection are nice and the leather looks attractive.

      2. daveloeweyou Avatar

        Leather is not only attractive, it is the best.

      3. Anon Avatar

        Good to know, I’m keen to add a puzzle tote maybe in a burgundy color.

      4. Laura W Avatar
        Laura W

        Nothings being shoved down anyones throat. 🙄

      5. Anon Avatar

        Well I disagree

  5. Hervé Avatar

    Very refreshing to see the brand returning to a quiet luxury feel and abandoning loud and cheap logotization.

  6. daveloeweyou Avatar

    Jonathan Anderson has done quiet luxury in the manner of Jonathan Anderson. Few models of bags but very impatient. In the showroom there are more models for next summer, such as a reinterpretation of the Flamenco.

  7. SonShownu Avatar

    The Picotin look a like in Maroon and the tote bag. Love it

  8. VSQR Avatar

    I am not a fan of hobo bags but I really like the Loewe squeeze bag, so rich and stylish looking!

  9. Kaly Avatar

    BIG beautiful bags!!