Your First Look at Loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2024

And a new bucket bag joins the Flamenco family

Since 2017, Loewe has delighted its fans with a beach-ready capsule collection. Defined by the free-spirited Ibiza mindset, Jonathon Anderson pays tribute to Paula’s Boutique each year—an icon of the 1970s and ’80s.

The place where music, culture, and fashion united, Paula’s was a destination for bohemian beachwear meant to take you from the beach to the club. Known amongst those on the island looking to see and be seen, Paula’s Boutique may have closed, but its lore lives on.

Paula’s was known for its offerings, catering to the free spirit in all of us, but it also was a destination for the island’s hottest events. The ethos of Paula’s boutique is the inspiration behind one of the House’s most anticipated capsules. Fans look forward to curations of ready-to-wear, bags, and accessories that ooze Island life each year.

Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 7
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 22

An Expression of Vibrant Energy

For the 2024 season, Anderson focuses on freedom of movement, conveying a vibrant energy through a mix of playful, fun pieces. The collection’s RTW features asymmetrical shapes, bold colors, and fun prints; teddy bear and planet motifs by artist Douglas Abraham adorn shorts, sweatshirts, swim, and more.

As for the bags, campaign images captured by Gray Sorrenti showcase new takes on Loewe classics. The House’s signature basketry technique is further explored in a new woven raffia version of the beloved Puzzle Bag. Constructed of graphic stripes that follow the cuts of the bag in varying colors, it is one of the standouts this season.

Speaking of standouts, there are noteworthy, fruit-inspired beaded iterations of the Squeeze bag, and if you’re looking for newness, look no further than the Loewe Flamenco Bucket bag.

Perfect for day-to-night, it debuts in soft lambskin leather, featuring the same donut chain as the Flamenco Purse. Overall, bags are playful and fun while showcasing Loewe’s unwavering commitment to craft.

The collection will drop on April 18th. View campaign images below and discover more via Loewe.

Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 2
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 3
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 4
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 5
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 6
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 8
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 9
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 19
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 23
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 25
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 26
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 13
Loewe Paula s Ibiza SS 24 20


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1 month ago

ok this is kinda cute. refreshing

1 month ago

Although impractical, I like the cute design of Loewe’s strawberry Squeeze bag.

1 month ago

Yuck!! I cant imagine carrying the shoulder bag with that strap would be comfortable. I like their simple designs much better

1 month ago

I love bags but the campaign is not as shocking as previous ones.