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  • Suzanne

    Some fun styles, but I don’t see anything I have to have. Ah well.

  • Slide 8 looks so off. 3 c-cs on one bag? Just no. Slide 23 is beautiful! The pink kinda balances out the edge of the boy bag, making it look very playful but i’m sure the price is nothing to laugh at.

  • Sparky

    Only #9. maybe I’m taking this too seriously.

  • Vicky

    There’re couple pieces I’m very interested in, but judging from the tendency of prices Chanel is heading, I don’t think I’ll be too happy to pay the price. Chanel isn’t in my comfort zone anymore.

  • Sandy

    I like some of them…some unique shapes. I will certainly check them out come spring.

  • selenaa

    Slide 31-33 are the best imo

    When will the runway report for LV and Miu miu be up?

  • Edia

    Petite malle….

    • Tristan Fowler

      yea i noticed that too…lagerfeld gettin a little extra lazy this year

  • kindled

    The crossbody roller bag (#17) is pretty darling, in a I-enjoy-you-on-the-runway-but-wouldn’t-buy-you kind of way.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Looks like Chanel is spending more time on creating themes than new styles. They already did casinos, the street and a super market. May a Chanel gas station? Gyno office?

    • Jill Terrell

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  • JaneH

    I appreciate the eccentricity of this collection :)

  • crescent

    How about a Chanel pharmacy for next season?

    • Olivia J.

      That’s an awesome idea I was thinking the same thing

  • oui

    Slides 10 and 30 with the Designer Pokemon Ball….
    I like most of the design ideas. But is it enough to collect ’em all?

  • Jerri R

    The red one in #30 reminds me of Bonne Bell cheese.

  • Olivia J.

    This is a super fun collection, I would love to fly out a Chanel airport. Lol

  • kathyjazz

    The mini rollaboards 17 and 14 are ridiculously cute. And I rather like the boxy top-loaders 10, 15 and 30. Would love to see the soft-sided lunch box style 14 and 32 in fun colors other than metallic. Jerri R, I’m with you on the Babybel cheese lol. It’s a cheeky collection, so smile!

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Compared to the Dallas and Salzburg Collections I like this one better. Not saying much because I really don’t care for Chanel in general at this point.

    I do fly a lot and take my 4 lb dog on our travels. I know that this is a niche market, but I would have loved a pet carrier with this airline collection. Something patent or in cavier where you don’t have to have a near heart attack every time you have to place it under a dirty airline seat.

    • Divnanata

      What a great idea! I think Karl should pay attention to you. Choupette could have used her own carry-on.

  • Maria

    I love all of them! ????

  • I’m actually salivating at this entire collection. I find something I like about each one even the babybel like one! So cheeky & so entertaining!!! 25, 27, & 28 are literally giving me LIFE!!!

  • FashionableLena

    The only thing that caught my attention was the suitcase in slide 5. I’m still trying to figure out what is going on in slide 10.
    Mostly, some of them look cheap and cheesy.

  • Teresa Green

    I hate to say this but nothing wowed me about this collection…..in fact I have to say I didn’t like anything :( I’m really disappointed

  • Angel

    Other than number 32, they are all quite hideous actually!!

  • Jess

    A Chanel hospital… With Chanel blankets and a Chanel hospital gown. Chanel uniform. Reminds me of Rachel Zoe when she was pregnant with Skylar! I’m a nurse. Can you tell.

  • Livo

    I like this collection.!!

  • bir

    the boys in cool 90s like colors i like a lot !!!!!

  • Dwightinha

    Loved this collection; but then again I have been a Cabin Attendant for 25 years so it hit straight home he, he.