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  • kimkim

    Is that a cheese grater on Johnny’s arm?

    • You know, I usually zip through photos for these posts pretty quickly because they’re so time-consuming to put together, but I stopped and stared at that thing for a good 10 seconds.

    • shueaddict

      very funny, I remember seeing it on NAP and thinking the same thing

  • Lilly

    Two things, I don’t get carrying clutches and wearing gowns to daytime fashion shows. Second, Paris Hilton still getting invites? And she needs to take fashion tips from her sister.

    I really wish one of these celebs. would surprise me and carry something that is chic but not so celeb. designer. But if you’re getting free stuff, you have to advertise it.

    Love Katie Holmes outfit and purse, and also love Giuliana Rancic, her bob too.

    • The people who do the evening gown/clutch thing look really overdressed at the shows, both in photos and in person. There’s nothing less elegant than looking like you’re trying harder than everyone around you.

    • Anne

      I completely agree. These people are supposed to be fashion-forward but dressing in evening gowns and clutches? That is so not chic. And it’s the last bits of summer in NEW YORK! Have fun with your outfits!

  • Kristina Cassandra

    Katie Holmes is the true winner in this post!

  • JJp

    I cant get over how ugly Anna del Russo is…

  • Kats

    Great post, literally brightened up my day. Michelle Violi Harper looks like Lady Gaga’s uptight older sister. Naomi Campbell is representing for the over 40 crowd. Also Amanda, you forgot to include the fab Karolina Kurkova’s name in the caption.

  • Gerard Q.

    gorgeous katy!!

  • Glenn Arpin

    Barbara Walters always a class act.

  • Carolina Christine

    I’m obsessed w Karlie Kloss so thank you for the multiple pics :)

  • Kris

    Just curious, Karlie Kloss’s thin fine flat lifeless hair considered cute and in now???