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Picture via NYtimes Fashion Magazine

The lovely Maxter on tPF brought this picture to my attention, which is an article as a picture and is literally worth thousands (if not millions) of words. It is clear that handbags are ruling the fashion world because of their necessity and ability to show off some style. Armand Limnander has created the breakdown of a handbag real estate map for New York City in the NYtimes Fashion Magazine. I find it odd that the most expensive bag chosen is a Chanel Croc Evening Handbag, which runs the huge and hefty price of $56.50 per square inch while the Hermes Birkin choosen ‘simple’ so to speak. We all know the handbag Queen of them all, is the Hermes Birkin, which if you are into croc and diamond encrusted will run over $100,000.

Where do I live you may ask, well I am an Upper West Sider. Always have been, always will be one (at heart). Granted I do not own a Python Burberry Handbag, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Where do you live on the Handbag Real Estate List?

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  • Naggy

    All of these “places” are too expensive for me and what I usually buy. (ipad)