As we learn from Fab Sugar, Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson is getting her own handbag line. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s getting two collections to waste our time. For the sweet love of everything that is decent in this world, WHY?

“As with every project that I’m involved with, I plan to put all of my heart and creativity into this one, and I’m thrilled to work with such an amazing brand. I look forward to putting my personal touch on each and every design in my signature Kipling® collections.”

Fergie, you lack creativity in what you try to pass as music. Don’t waste the little artistic talent you possess on something you have absolutely no clue about. :!:

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  • Lisa

    it seems as if fergie-ferg is just trying to be like gwenny-gwen-gwen when she did her l.a.m.b. for lesportsac line.

  • MarieG

    Gee Vlad, you really don’t like her, do you :wink: I couldn’t agree more though! :)

  • Lily

    Lisa is right – Fergie does appear to be following in Gwen’s handbag-designing footsteps. I admit I am a fan of both ladies but can’t say much for their fashion ‘creations’.

  • Amy

    I’m siding with you Vlad…Let’s just hope her bags won’t look like those ugly baggy shorts nshe wears!!!!!

  • Kelsey

    I can’t wait to see how this turns out! :lol:

  • Rainy

    Fergie is the LEAST creative singer i’ve ever known. all her songs, glamorous and fergilicious, are like spelling lessons. i really don’t like her too.

    • jojo

      maybe you should learn to capitalize your I’s before you judge others talents.

  • Paulina

    I love Fergie sooo much and i can’t wait to get the purses. I love Fergie’s style in the dutchess and i’m modeling her look like me. She’s a role model. My favorite song is the whole Dutchess CD. She’s sooo “GLAMOROUS” and cool. She’s the cooliest person in the world. HER SONGS ARE THE BOMB! :grin: :lol:

  • Paulina

    ILOVEFERGIE! She’s so awesome and i really want the glitzy glamorous purses. LISA is wrong she doesn’t know anything about Fergie cause Fergie’s cool and it’s a fab-u-less idea that she’s coming out with her own line.She’s is the best singer in the world, and I love her style the most.

  • Paulina

    I LOVE Fergie! Don’t care what people think as you said in the Glamorous video, (I got problems up to here and there saying these crazy things that I don’t wanna hera) It’s a great idea and its gonna be a succesful line.

  • yummi

    dont go on fergie. she is bomb and unlike gwen(mad props to her for her style tho) she can sing.

  • Fergie ferg fan

    Well u know wat people step off! :evil:This face is u because u r mean. maybe she is just trying to do a greatclothes line and be successful think about how many famous people did a clothing,purse, or perfume line. :neutral: Exactly and fergie probably wants to just be maybe have more money or at least pay her taxes on her expensive mansion.See and there is alot of famous people diong that kind of stuff 2 not just Gwen Stefani!!! :sad: Ya i know u r probably feeling really bad about yourself about talking that way about her!I mean maybe u r one of those aannabe famous people that are jealous u aren’t on that big screen!Well cut fergie some slack ok! :cry: I know u r feeling yucky bad! NOW!Well u r probably mad at me for the back talk but think about she is

  • Ka$ee

    OOOh my gosh I love Fergie I think she is one of the coolest people in the world. And odviously her handbag is going to be HOT!!!! I would be the first person in line to grab one.

  • chula

    i just one the handbag of her’s from y100 yayay!!! :lol: so if u dont like her back th f*** off…. im out

  • Samantha

    yayay i just won one of fergie’s handbag!!! on y100 i love y100… yayay!!! and if u dont like her why say anything?!?!?…


    • jojo

      Exactly, if people have nothing nice to say they should just keep their mouths shut. I’m sure they would all love to read comments about the way they dress or the careers they have chosen. Live and let live people need to quit being nasty.

  • Angelah

    Um here’s one of Fergie’s fugly creations. I’m a Kipling fan and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. :???:
    If the following link doesn’t work, copy-paste into a browser:

    • Stephhh


      Oh yes. EVERYONE who now makes a clothing line is trying to be like GWEN STEFANI. The Queen of Clothing Line apparently.

      She is the TRUE original!

      *Rolls Eyes*

  • Lacey L

    Hey Fergir Haters….You R just JEALOUS cuz she’s everything U wish U were, but aren’t!!! If U don’t like her than don’t listen to her and don’t buy her purses!! Nothing anyone does anymore is Orignially THEIR idea!! Duhhh!!! It’s all been done before!
    So I say to you….RELAX & find something else to do!! She’s making tons of money and you’re sittin’ around talkin’ crap!! :roll:

  • island gurl

    FERGIE IS HOT! any haters on here are of course jealous bitter people with nothing better to do than down someone’s success…don’t hate on her cuz she’s beautiful and on to the next best thing…purses…ever think that maybe, just maybe, she loves purses and would love to be part of the process to put something out on the market that she has put her touches on…i know any haters on here would love that and the success that comes with it…u haters, can’t wait to see u in line to get a purse from her line…peace

  • izel

    u no wat!!! this artical is crap..

    fergie is the best and therez no doubt about it. i love her..

    lol is this a amerians site.. lol im from australia!! lol

    anyways… i LOVE fergie and..

    GOOD on her 4 acheving this.


    NOOOOOOO…. shes not copy gwen.

    y is it allways fergie vs gwen…

    there are otha celibrityz that do have there own label.

    y are u picking on fergie copying gwen. maybe fergie had the idea 10 years ago but didint have time to go ahead and gwen came up with it 3 years ago!!

    ok people dont judge!!

    fergies the BESTEST!!

  • luciem

    I love fergies music and think she’s cool and all but don’t care much for her bags I’m more into Coach.

  • ginabina78

    Went into the kipling store today – didn’t know the purse I extremely liked was part of the fergie collection. When I found out it was I said “ewww, but it’s a great purse, I must have it, where’s the matching wallets/accessories! Just sayin you would be surprised. Kipling is a great bag and Fergie’s designs ain’t so bad.

  • Elli3321

    i thought fergie is coming out with her own clothing line. What a ripp off. :roll: :mad:

  • Sarina

    You bloggers rave about Gwen Stefani. Have you actually owned a purse designed by Gwen from the Harajuku Lovers range? Have you? Have you ever spotted any photo of Gwen Stefani carrying any of her purses in public? No? Why? Because they are all too casual, cheaply made and fall apart the moment you use them, she’s probably too ashamed to be seen with one in public! Kipling bags on the other hand are backed by a worldwide warranty, and if you ever owned a Kipling bag you’ll know they last a lifetime. So shut your gap about Gwen unless you really know what you’re talking about! I like neither’s singing nor dressing but between the 2 bag designers, I’d go with Fergie’s creations. They look sturdy, well made, and hold up come rain or shine or snow!

  • Jo

    Fergie is cool, but Kipling is cooler! Check out the huge selection of Kipling at!

  • Jo

    Fergie is cool, but Kipling is cooler! Check out the huge selection of Kipling at! :grin:

  • Naggy

    You could do almost anything to a Kipling, and it’d hold up. (ipad)