Herve Leger 14First, let me just say this: I don’t need denim from Herve Leger.

Everyone else on the planet wants to sell me a pair of jeans or something else made out of the fabric, and I’m not that big of a jeans person in the first place. I was a little disappointed to see a brand known for sexy cocktail dresses present a patchwork denim jacket for Spring 2010 – what’s the point? Isn’t that a little bit like Valentino making a pair of sweatpants? Does it really have anything to do with the brand’s image?

And it’s unfortunate that when I think back to the show, those are the outfits that stand out in my mind, because there were actually some rather interesting things going on (well, as interesting as Leger and its creative director, Max Azria, get). We saw a lot more pattern this year than I can recall seeing from the brand in recent memory, and the sex appeal that they’re known for was at once amplified in shredded bandage dressed and toned down in more demure, less body-conscious silhouettes.

My favorites were the dresses that simultaneously hugged the models’ forms and floated away from the body, creating an interesting juxtaposition of the brand’s iconic imagery and the dessert scenes that inspired this particular set of clothing. If Azria had stuck with those ideas, he would have had me the entire way. Instead, he interspersed it occasionally with nonsensical patchwork denim, and those pieces couldn’t have turned me off more. I’m trying to focus on the positive, of which there definitely was some, but I hate it when a bad apple threatens to spoil the bunch.

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Pictures via Style.com

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  • Pixie @ DaLyfe.com

    Maybe the denim doesn’t work, but there are definitely some really cute pieces in this collection! Feminine!

  • I like the gold dress top row… LOVE that one.

    Amanda, I am not feeling the denim either, but I am head over heels for some of the other dresses.

  • Pandor@

    These clothes are fabulous for grand events – they can really make any woman almost a diva. I’m impressed, srly. Very pretty!

  • Paulina

    I don’t really like the denim, but at least if you squint it doesn’t look like denim and therefore can be appreciated. LOVE this collection.

  • Merve

    I love Azria.. I want him to put some more effort into BCBG pls pls.