Diane Von Furstenberg NYC Fashion Week I think I’ve told this story on Purse Blog before, but I’ll be brief: ever since Diane Von Furstenberg was mean to Toccara, the plus-sized model on one of the first seasons of America’s Next Top Model, she gives me a frownie-face. But since she’s actually fairly influential and makes some interesting things, we’re going to talk about her (somewhat crazy) collection anyway. You want pics? We’ve got them, after the jump.

Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2009So, this is basically what she did. 40 separate looks of THIS. And it was something to watch, I’ll give her that. Her collection was called Nomad, and apparently to DVF, “nomad” means “wear all my clothes at once so I don’t need a suitcase when I travel.” It reminds me of that episode of Friends where Joey is pretending to be Chandler, and he comes running in wearing layer upon layer of random stuff, and exclaims, “Hey everybody, I’m Chandler! Could I BE wearing any more clothes?!?!” Ok, enough with the jokes. Some people will disagree, but I don’t find this particularly interesting. If you’re going to layer in an editorial way, give me different textures, different ideas – not just a bunch of sweaters. Sure, some of them have a pattern or two. So I guess that’s different. And stab me in the face, I hate the hats. And I had to look at them for the entire show.

Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2009 But I’ll stop complaining and say some nice things, because parts of her collection were actually kind of cool. Somehow, she has managed to convince me that I need leopard-print tights. I’m not sure how she accomplished this, but she did, and now I’m wondering what the price point will be on these when they hit stores. DVF isn’t overly high in price, so they’ll probably be within reach. They might even start a trend.

Diane Von FurstenbergAnd this dress, for instance. It’s really cute, and it might have a subtle animal print to it, if my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me. The shape is nice, and I think most women don’t realize that brown can be quite a flattering color against a lot of skintones. It’d be great with a sweater and some chunky boots as next fall creeps in.

Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2009 For some reason, in the world of DVF, nomads wear liquid silver jersey party dresses. That totally makes sense. As does that hat with that outfit.

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  • Debbie

    Can you say “Annie Hall?”

  • coco13

    What did DvF say to Toccara? I’ve googled it but am finding it difficult to work out what she did/said.

  • QueenMAB

    I realize that she can’t make FANTASTIC wrap dresses all the time, but did she roll the models around in glue and fabric for this?

  • M_butterfly

    I remember that!!!

  • I don’t remember the exact words that were said, but DvF seemed VERY put off by the fact that someone that’s size 12 would even be attempting to wear something fashionable, let alone something from HER LINE. I think she ended up putting Toccara in a plain black wrap dress while everyone else got cute things to wear.

  • me

    Yeah, DVF is crazy, the hats are stupid, one or two things are neat if not worn with overloads of metallics and fabric. I agree about the tights. I’ve never really been one for animal prints, but I kind of like them.

  • Abitofwhimsie

    Something about it makes me think of Pirates, not nomads.. am I crazy?

  • spanish moss

    as someone who is a bit larger than size 12 but who enjoys stylish clothing, i don’t understand this dvf attitude.

    do the designers not understand how much they could increase their profit margins by making their creations available in larger sizes?

    dvf appears to have just thrown pieces of clothing at a model until nothing else would stick/g

  • Cat W.

    i agree with spanish moss, i work part-time in a clothing store and we carry sizes for customers that are more than a size 12 as well as those below. there’s a lot of them that come into my store and designers would absolutely increase their profits by also catering to the plus size crowd.

  • Spanish Moss – as someone that is also slightly larger than a size 12, I agree. Which is why I’ve never bought any DVF. No reason to encourage bad behavior.

  • Jane

    Well personal thoughts on Diane herself aside.
    Look out of a great fall line of BAGS from them!

    Saw them in a private showing a few weeks ago, they are tdf!

  • Jane – I thought it was interesting that the models were carrying bags, can’t wait to see them. Couldn’t find any decent pics online to get an idea of what they look like since most of them are dark in color. So much easier to see detail on lighter bags!

  • nyclawyer

    The reason they don’t carry clothes over a size 12 is that things that look good on a size 2 don’t look good on a 14 (or even a 12 really). Just making clothes wider and wider doesn’t mean the end result will be amazing. Larger girls should try to find clothes that cater to their body types instead of insisting on wearing outfits cut for women that don’t have hips or boobs. I am a size 6 and every designer makes clothing that could fit me. However, I am able to recognize that some things just look better on a 2. DVF’s runway collection or clothing would not look good on larger sizes–same as most designers. There is a reason plus-size and regular clothing is found in different stores/sections.

  • Jane

    Amanda- Just wait! They have a full line of bags coming out for Fall!

  • sparrow

    NYC Lawyer – how dare any woman “insist” on having hips or boobs? Must drive you size 6 women crazy.

    FYI, the average size of American women is a size 12. It’s amazing that the attitude of people like your self makes that seem like something weird. What’s weird is designers making clothes that are modelled by child-women without hips and breasts.

  • noelle

    you know if you look back at DVF’s past she has made plus size clothes before, with her DVF colour authority line, she also did a line with HSN called Silk Assets which also catered to plus size women, im assuming the lines didnt do well since she no longer does them, but on occasion you can find plus size DVF wear, its hard to come by, but they exsist…you just have to do a little searching.

  • Kendra

    I love her clothing. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Thanks Diane, Thanks Purseblog! (fb)