Black is one of the most essential colors (I know there is a long standing argument about if black is or is not a color) that you must have in your wardrobe. There is the little black dress. The black bag. The black shoes. The black pants. The black clutch. The black tee shirt. The black jacket. Forget the argument of black as a color and realize that black is a staple of most wardrobes. I have a great little black dress from Prada that fits beautifully and has been used for a variety of events. But when I looked in my closet I realized a lack of black bags. I do have a classic Chanel Bag but I am lacking a compact black clutch and a larger black handbag.

I kid you not, I dreamt about a black Hermes Birkin last night. I woke up craving one and questioning whether I should opt for gold hardware or palladium hardware and if 35 cm would be better rather than 30. This year is a great year for investment pieces and a classic Birkin in a color that is classic seems to be a good fit.

Black Wardrobe Essentials

But what about some other black pieces? Compact clutches are great evening bags. While they don’t fit much, they provide a great look and fit in your hand ideally. The Anya Hindmarch Patent Box Clutch is marked half off right now and can easily be used season to season. Sleek and snappy, this glossy Anya Hindmarch clutch is a perfect black wardrobe essential. Buy through Net A Porter for $197.50.

I have been loving the vest look as of recent and I found the ultimate black vest. Made of crocodile, the Rick Owens Crocodile Leather Vest sports an asymmetrical peaked hem and a V-neck. Everything about this vest is over the top and even a bit ostentatious but I absolutely love it. I am fairly positive this vest would look silly on most people, including me, but if I would wear this statement piece I would love it. Buy through Net A Porter for $11,415.

Point of this piece, black is essential to all aspects of your wardrobe and crocodile vests are not for everyone. Oh yea, and I should get a black Hermes Birkin.

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  • I would rock that Rick Owens vest. so. hard.

  • I can’t tell if I could rock it or not… maybe I would just look silly?!

  • Depends on what your personal style is. Mine edges toward the industrial, particularly during colder weather. I’ll always be that punk teenager I used to be at heart :-)

  • I am big into leggings and long tees… I WANT to pull this off!

  • I’d rock it with black leggings or super skinny jeans and a form-fitting, tunic-length grey cashmere sweater during cool months. Bright bag (or black bag with lots of hardware and studs) for a pop of color.

  • And we’re just talkin’ to ourselves at this point.

  • Nee

    @ Amanda – too funny!
    I would rock the vest if the back once different! I can see those flaps just amplyfing my “bootie”, which it doesn’t need:)

  • Vanessa

    I personally couldn’t rock it (not enough waist definition) but if you have a good waist I think it would look AWESOME! I agree with Amanda it would look hot with a pair of skinny jeans. As for the Birkin I vote for the palladium hardware and the 35. That is my personal taste though!

  • Amanda, I enjoyed our back and forth, which we typically do daily anyhow :)

    Skinny jeans would look amazing with that vest. I want it. Bad. I won’t get it though!

  • dimon

    Totally agree about the always useful and need for black in my wardrobe. Now, last night I saw Angels and Demons and if you have seen it then you have seen the delicious black Bottega Veneta bag Vittoria carries, especially when she sets it down on a desk in the Vatican offices. This morning I had to ID it so got to googling and saw some purseblog posts, but then clicked on the Coire Sicha for photo story about “The Bottega Bag”. This was too hilarious because it reminded me somewhere of Amanda writing about her back sitting on the couch next to her and she was talking to it. I like the comments at the bottom about Ewan MacGregor too, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Bon weekend!

  • dimon

    I meant Amanda’s BAG sitting on the couch next to her, sorry. BTW, can you tell us what post that was Amanda, cause I’d like to read it again.

  • lol! Can’t believe you remember that!

    Here it is, from the Amanda’s Greatest Hits Collection:

  • widi

    Meg, I think you should get a black birkin with GHW. It is timeless classic and you already got a Blue Jean with PHW =). I can imagine, you will look so good with a Black Box Birkin GHW !!!!

  • hermès girl

    Sorry but I have a great notice! Last week in Milan, Hermès was in sale! I bought a beautiful bag in leather and I paied it only 960 euro!
    The first price was 6500 euro! It’s not a birkin but it’s always Hermès bag! I’ m so happy!

  • pursemama

    Black is soo classic, hot and always stylish! My dream bag 35m black birkin with palladium hardware…..someday.

  • Catherine @ Salescoop

    I agree, having some black staple pieces in your closet is key. I’m just not quite sure about these pieces. That vest is intense! But I really love the bag. The bag and clutch are classic and will never go out of style.


    The black color and the white are the classic colors on Chanel bags.
    You may have seen some Chanel black bags before.