Great googly moogly, people. I sit here every day and talk about $2500 handbags like they’re the most normal thing in the world, so most sane people would consider me somewhat desensitized to luxury prices. And they’d probably be right – I sort of consider Balenciaga bags to be a steal, since most of their motorcycle styles are still priced under $1500.

But even the fact that I don’t live in objective reality when it comes to the prices of designer duds can’t stop my mouth from falling slightly agape at the fact that those in the Fashion Ivory Tower want us to pay $73,000 for the Balmain Crocodile Tail Leather Jacket. Let’s get a better look, after the jump…

Balmain Crocodile Tail Jacket

Don’t get me wrong – I love this jacket almost as much as that guy from Anchorman loves lamp. It’s fantastically hip, impeccably tailored and made out of the most luxurious leather on the face of the planet. It’s post-apocolyptic chic and so cool it hurts me to look at it. I want to live in it. It may be the greatest jacket that I have ever glimpsed in my young life. But holy crap, $74,000?!?!

Off the top of my head, the things that I could buy with that include: a black-on-black BMW X5 with an engine upgrade, a big down payment on a modernist condo in a really nice building in midtown Atlanta, a herd of tiny Bulldog puppies to follow me everywhere I go, a freaking boat (not that I even want a boat), a houseful of Jonathan Adler furniture, rugs, linens, and accessories, or a lifetime supply of Apple laptops, so that it would no longer be a big deal when I knock mine off the couch.

Or I could buy an absolutely sublime Balmain jacket. The grousing about price can be easily extrapolated down to the price levels that we normally talk about – $1500 is a mortgage payment that is hard to come by for a lot of people. I recognize the inherent hypocrisy. But as with everything, there are degrees to exorbitant pricing, and this jacket may have reached one with which I am simply not comfortable. But, if you happen to have $74,000+shipping laying around and you’re a French size 38 (and if it’s only available in that size, that means it has already sold out in all the other ones. Wrap your head around that), you can buy it through Luisa Via Roma for $73,935.

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  • Alana

    Wow! It is far too trendy for that price. And the price is truly ridiculous!

  • jo

    it’s so ridiculous… people who’d buy this would do this for the ” i’m fully covered in the most expensive skin, you can’t beat that” look.

    alligator jacket… why not , but it looks classless and “m’a tu vu” in my opinion.

  • Chris

    It looks like it was made for Victoria Beckham. She would love it – and has no problem paying for it. :-)

  • Something I’d see in an upcoming (potential) Matrix sequel. Otherwise, not so much.

    • reese

      my thoughts exactly. :)

    • reen

      Either that or a Mad Max remake. : )

  • Rae

    LOVE it. Wouldn’t have anywhere to wear it. Wouldn’t pay that much for it even if I had the cash… if you have the ability to drop that kind of money on a single item, then I think designers should be GIFTING you stuff like this, because you’re probably the new Emperor of North America.

  • AJH

    You can’t assume that the other sizes sold out. It’s possible and more likely that Luisa Via Roma. Retailers don’t always stock a full size run for specialty items.

    • AJH

      *that Luisa Via Roma only ordered that size.

  • 19yearslater

    Wow. That’s a huge sum for a V costume. I don’t know what is going on here, why the brand thought that people would pay so much for a jacket.

  • baghooligan

    It’s still better than the Hermes crocodile trench coat retailing for $150,000! Haha

  • susan

    Well, to quote Forrest Gump…”stupid is as stupid does.” Even if I had that kind of cash to outlay for this item, my conscience would tell me to help someone who needs it.

    • Merve

      I couldnt have said it better. I wouldnt be able to justify my existence if I walked around with 75k jacket on my back. I just dont think thats right.

  • I think it would only work on Victoria Beckham or on Rihanna.

  • Rach

    Def a Rhianna jacket. Neither the look nor the price are intended for a non-celebrity, IMO.

    • Jane

      I couldn’t agree more when I saw this I thought Rhianna. She is the only one who would rock this coat without batting an eye.

  • mochababe73

    I have a feeling that we are being Punk’d. The jacket is definitely an aquired taste and a work of art. But, let’s get real. There is going to be someone sporting this jacket in the not too distant future (like Rach said). It just won’t be one of us common folk.

  • Ana JB

    The price: obscene!
    The design: unique and LOVED everything! However, I didnt like the “tail”.
    For those that like to sew, get inspired and do you own jacket w/ this kinda leather or not.

  • Paulina

    It looks amazing! The price, however, is far from amazing. Think of all the Hermes Birkins you could buy with that much money.
    Plus where the heck are you supposed to wear it? Can’t wear it in the rain… can’t wear it when it’s hot… can’t wear it where it could get damaged…

  • Josephine


  • Zane

    As a regular guy (yes, male), I would rather spend the money on something worth it…like that herd of tiny Bulldog puppies…
    …but as a model…I REALLY WANT IT!!!

  • dierregi

    I find it hideous and nobody could wear somenthing like that in the “real” world where I live. The jokes about a jacket with a tail would be endless…..

  • Maya

    Balmain needs to seriously stop smocking crack… $1600 for a cotton t-shirt with holes, huh??!!!
    Crazy price difference between having it shipped to the U.S., having it shipped to the European Union ($10,000 difference) or to Switzerland (not in the Union, $20,000).

  • Maya

    …smoking, sorry, horrible typo :))

  • Mica

    Wow. That is obscene. It’s made me speechless!

  • MAX

    I would pay $74000 for Hermes croc sweater if it costs around that but this jacket!!!. The look is ridiculous and the leather is not that attractive comparing to hermes.

  • Kimberly Marney

    Only Rihanna could wear that and then only once!

  • Graciella

    Well, where do I start on this one…it is not even finished properly! Look at the way the tail part on the back is just covered in holes! I visited a great designer’s workshop who works with exotic skins the other week and he had some gorgeous crocodile jackets (that look way better than this one – think Rick Owens in croc) and sell for 10,000 euros – way less than this monstrosity. Balmain really needs to rethink their prices.

  • maria

    yes, but how much do crocodiles go for now a days? Then you’d have to skin it and sew a jacket from it, so that would cost a bit as well lol

  • Jen

    I enjoy the jacket nearly as much as I enjoyed reading your article, Amanda! So humorous and nicely written – I can almost see the herd of bulldog puppies trailing behind you. Ironically, I’m a French size 38, but I think that I’d rather have that condo downpayment than that jacket . . . .

  • Maxie

    There are no words to explain how ridiculously outrageous that price is. Even if I could afford to purchase such a jacket, I’d feel too guilty for being so self indulgent and extravagant….I think God would punish me for being so decadent!

  • Bobbi

    I looked for the shock value at the retail site. In Canada it is listed including shipping for $53,304. Our dollar is doing fine, but not that fine – I wonder why there is a difference.

  • Bobbi

    Well, never mind. The US price includes duty, the Canadian price will have duty added at the border. That probably explains it all.

  • joce

    the cut looks really nice but I’d rather see it in a different leather. (even if i don’t look at the price) that croc skin looks really uncomfortable.

  • dooneydiva

    Even if I HAD the money, I still wouldn’t buy it. I actually think it looks sloppy. I also would like to think as someone with large sums of money, I would be somewhat wise with my purchases and a $75, 000 chunk of my earnings is better kept in bank, gaining interest.

    • hollander

      My feelings precisely! My dad always had one great saying when it came to discretionary purchases, “I didn’t get wealthy by SPENDING my money!” Our family money was invested or spent on well thought out purchases of resonable value/price ratio. This jacket may be a work of art but for that money so many better things could happen in my life than to own a “cool” jacket.

  • Catherine Fossati


    Wonderful post.

    Very apocalyptic. About as bad biker chic as you can get. A real attention getter.

    I think I’d make a down payment on that villa in Italy I’ve been dreaming of for years.

  • Aaron

    I am completely and utterly disgusted by this…The jacket looks like a pirate halloween costume…and the price doesn’t even deserve a comment. People need to be brought down to earth….

  • chloehandbags

    Would I buy it?

    Only if I had such a severe bump on the head that I completely forgot who I was and what I believed in!

    Actually, I wouldn’t buy it even if it was ‘only’ $730, as I don’t really like it in croc, TBH.

    Not to mention that I don’t do real croc, anyway…

    I do like the post apocolyptic look, though. It might be quite nice in nappa – for a 20th of the price (or less)! :D

    Even if I really liked it and had all the money in the world (which, of course, I don’t – as the bankers have it all, now, apparently!) I’ve always had pshychological limits on certain items, anyway.

    However much I want something, I try not to pay much more than the maximum I feel it’s worth, at the time (taking into account the designer premium etc.).

    I agree with those who have said that paying this much for an item of clothing is not only ridiculous, but immoral.

    The gap between the rich and the middle incomed (let alone the poor!) has become FAR too wide and this is a crystal clear demonstration of that.

    A healthy economy simply can’t be sustained by a few obscenely wealthy people buying the occasional $73,000 jacket; while so many other people can barely afford to eat and keep a roof over their heads.

    BTW, AJH is correct – I really don’t think it means that it’s already sold out in the other sizes – just that they only made it/stocked it in that size. :D

    There have been various items of clothing that I’ve been interested in (never anything anywhere near this expensive, though!), in the past, that have (apparently) only been made/stocked in one size and that size has almost always been a FR 38, like this one.

  • Linda

    wow. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the jacket. i dont have the cash. but if i was ridiculously rich and money wasn’t an option- i would buy it as an art piece!

  • Mothpre

    but is free shipping :P lol

  • Elyse

    $74,000?!?! Is Balmain crazy?! (fb)

  • melissa


    Why would you want to wear a dead animal, a skinned crocodile, on your. Ugh.

    And I am NOT one of those Peta types, fyi. This is just truly gross. Price and jacket.

    • air23k

      They didn’t just rip off a crocodiles skin and make a jacket dumbass. Have you ever seen a black crocodile? They obviously treated this jacket, processed it, it’s no worse than wearing a down jacket.

  • Tom Paine

    If the chick comes with it, I’ll take one