I think I just passed out.

Or my head exploded.

Or something.

Because, on under ‘New Arrivals,’ there is a piece of metallic python so resplendent that it makes me wish I hadn’t written about the Zagiani python clutch so recently. Because this? THIS IS WAY BETTER.

It’s still Zagliani silver python. BUT IT’S A HOBO. That means the Zagliani Python Z Bag contains about a thousand times more beautiful pewter snakeskin surface area, plus I could buy it and wear it every day for the rest of my life, and that? That would make Amanda die happy. I would sit this bag next to me on the couch and have conversations with it. It would watch Project Runway with me (and agree that Blue Cup Dress was easily the best last night and Michael Kors can STFU about coffee filter bodices). I’d hang it on the control board of the elliptical machine at the gym, and it would cheer me on. I’d take it everywhere, and people would ask me what it was and where I got it, and I’d just stick my tongue out and say “I’m not telling! You’re not cool enough to have one! Isn’t that right, beautiful python hobo?” And it would nod solemnly and turn up it’s little metallic nose at all those that THINK THEY COULD HANDLE IT. Because they can’t.

I think I need to go lie down.

Buy through Saks for $4,290.

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  • Julia

    That was HILARIOUS!!! Besides loving the bag, I loved the review ALMOST as much! Thanks for making me laugh this morning. :lol:

  • Tella

    I too have usually conversation with my bags (especially my favourite Bale City)!! I am not the only one, now I am reassured!!!

  • doozer

    Amanda, you make me laugh. Now I want a Zagliani Python Z Bag so I can talk to it, watch movies with it and make fun of people I don’t like with it.

  • Thistle

    Beautiful bag, hilarious review! Welcome to PB, Amanda!

  • carrie

    beautiful bag!
    and I totally agree. Blue Cup Dress was totally the winner. I could’ve put some flimsy stained coffee filters on my breasts and called it a dress too.

  • DH

    Amanda, PLEASE stop referring to yourself in the third person, please.

    • Not until Suede from Project Runway stops doing it.

      So basically, no, never.

  • Marni

    Amanda, this was awesome; however you omitted to mention the fabulous bags by Marcela Calvet. Please add at least one of her bags for our delight (from her newest collection TAUZIA 1945 please!!! The clutches in particular, but there is one large satchel in alligator that is out of this world — cannot recall the name right now — sorry!). Thank you Amanda, you are the best!

  • lipvixen

    Sweety for $4,290 I would write it on my last will and testament. If I were to get that I would wear it every single day of my life to get my money back.

  • sunita


    A lady who is as passionate about her bags as I am. Who needs a husbnad and kids whenyou have got that dream bag? (or 40 dream bags as the case may be). Picked up my 4th Zagliani today – a large grey envelope bag with chain strap. I am still smitten. I also have a large gold puffy a large green puffy and a pewter royal clutch. I now need a Notting Hill pleat bag.

  • Jade

    I love it ! it’s in the sale now here in england for about $1500 in Harvey Nichols – I just bought my first Zagliani today, I couldn’t be more excited ! I’m 17, this is a dream ! I can’t find any pictures on the internet of it though… :( Sunita you are so lucky to own 4 , I’m so jelous. My dream bag definetly has to be the brown croc puffy though, It’s absolutly GORGEOUS !