It’s Monday. Again. I don’t know about you, but I seem to always have a case of the Mondays. This being the case, I figured, what better way to ease back into the work week than to drool over this gorgeous Zagliani Python Puffy Bag? I have just recently become interested in exotic bags (thanks Megs!!!). At first, I guess I had a hard time justifying spending so much money on a single bag. However, as I began to learn more, I can truly say I would have no problem saving my pennies for a bag like this. First of all, just look at it! Amazing, huh? I am sure the image doesn’t come close to doing the bag justice, but I am awestruck. The shape, texture, and overall aesthetics officially have me yearning to own this bag.
As Megs mentioned, I am fairly new to TPB (today is my one week anniversary, yay). However, one thing you will learn about me, is that I make many of my decisions about life, happiness and bags based on a holistic approach. To me, when I think about the bag, if nothing else, it needs to “feels right”. The turn lock closure, inside compartments (including a zip pocket and cell phone holder) plus the python exterior and suede interior all add to my initial, first-glance love of the bag. Furthermore, I can think of several outfits this Zagliani bag could accompany. I don’t see any reason the bag couldn’t be carried around during the day while running errands and then used again later in the evening as I head out to meet some friends for a couple cocktails at a local hot-spot. So, as you can see, I tend to try and justify my purchases. Do you think I’ve given enough reasons yet? Can you think of any others (other than the typical, “I just NEED it!!!”)? If you share my desire to add this bag to your collection, you can buy it through Saks for $2,900.00.

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