I’m not one who usually buys lotto tickets; in fact, I’ve only done it twice in my life before now, but when I realized the Powerball jackpot had swelled to $600 million, I totally got in on that. It’s easy to see why so many people love to buy lotto tickets – that slight feeling that you just might win is enough to get you excited.

Not only did I not win, but I didn’t even get one number right. Some man in Florida won it all, and it’s so insane to think of going from having whatever amount of money you have to being an extravagantly wealthy multi-millionaire over night. But if I were to have won that insane amount of money, I definitely would have bought this bag from The Row.

Everyone is aware of the much talked-about The Row Alligator Backpack, and while I actually like that bag, I know I’d find much more use out of The Row Alligator Drawstring Bucket Bag.

This bag is super chic, the glazed alligator skin looks entirely luxe and the color really is eye-catching. The pairing of a downtown aesthetic with an uptown material makes this bag one that I entirely covet. It looks like perhaps the Powerball winner had the same idea and bought the bag already, because it is currently sold out. Price is $29,000 via Barneys.

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  • Chels

    Never thought that untrained and unskilled designers who always use their famous names will success in their careers, especially create piece of crap with its super over pricing

  • laura

    The bag is not ugly at all but I don’t think it is worth more than $30,000 (if you have to pay sales tax) or anything from The Row for that matter.

    IMO, even Louis Vuitton or Hermes bags are overpriced sometimes, but at least you know you are paying for a name brand that has been (successfully) in business for years that even surpass the age of the Olsen twins.

  • FashionableLena

    It looks like the Bayou collection from Dooney. It’s probably worth every bit of the $30,000 but doesn’t look it. Aside from that, the hardware looks a little cheap.

  • ????? ??????????

    First of all, I don’t think The Row should be judged by its inception date. I know that brands like Chanel or Hermes have a long history and everything, but just because its a relatively new line, doesn’t mean it has less of a quality to it. Sure, 30 k seem ridiculously expensive, but the quality is exquisite and the design is attractive enough,

  • I think that a Noé from Vuitton in Croc is a better option.

  • shueaddict

    the Olsen twins are very clever going for the top in high end. They are definitely not lacking in talent and savy and let’s not forget they have an army of clever consultants.
    on another topic, if asked quite a few years back if you’d ever buy anything designed by a glorified WAG and ex- Spice girl I am sure all of us would have said “hell, no”