The Row Alligator Backpack, $34,000 via Net-a-Porter

Two ridiculously expensive black alligator bags in one day, oh my! We previously reported that The Row would release and price their alligator backpack at $39,000. If you have 40 large to burn, then I have good news for you: the actual retail price is $34,000 and it is available now at Net-A-Porter.

The bad news for the majority of the world is that $34,000 buys a nice car, college tuition, mortgage payments, or a yearly salary. So hop on the “not-going-to-buy-this-bag-ever” train with me if you fall into that category.

But sticker shock aside, let’s talk about the design of The Row Alligator Backpack.

First off and most obviously, this is a backpack. Some fashion designers have embraced the backpack look over time but there has never been a huge push toward the trend. I prefer my backpack days to be left to highschool, but I don’t deny that a fashionable backpack can be created.

I do think The Row has created a very beautiful backpack, one that even I would wear. The black alligator skin stands out on the body of the bag and then there are adjustable canvas straps, an internal detachable handle, plenty of pockets, and leather lining. To give a bit of a casual touch, the backpack has a drawstring top. I can easily see both Olsen twins carrying this bag, slung over their shoulder or dangling from their hands, leaving every girl yearning to make this backpack style her own.

The more I look at this bag, the more it grows on me. It might even turn me into a backpack loving girl again. But the price is absurd for a brand that is new to the handbag world (granted, the price is absurd in general).

Buy via Net-A-Porter for $34,000.

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  • jetsetgo!

    Say no to fancy backpacks!!!

  • bry_dee

    That’s ridiculously expensive! I can’t even!!!!!!! O_O

  • Male_in_Retail

    That bag is gorgeous… maybe a 19k pricetag might open it up to a larger economic bracket, but the 34k is indeed absurd!

  • PhotoGirl

    I’m of two minds about this. On the one hand, it’s completely impossible for me to even imagine spending that much for a bag, but hey — that’s life. Just because I can’t doesn’t mean that someone who can shouldn’t. Even if I did have a spare 34K, I don’t imagine I’d spend it like that, but I don’t feel that everyone has to share my priorities.

    That said, there are people who have a half dozen Celine luggage totes, several Birkins, or –what was his name? — there’s that figure skater with a whole “tree” of Balenciagas. In the end, those people may have spent an equivalent amount on bags. Perhaps the peoson who buys this backpack is from the “one good thing” school of thought. And really, if that’s their thing, why not?

    And, as a small business owner myself, I say “brava” to the Olsen sisters for being unafrad to price their products the way they see fit. In this day of the neverending discount, I actually find it refreshing. In that respect, at least, I feel that I can learn something from them.

  • jenjen1964

    I love me a backpack (rocking my LV Montsouris right now) but since my child actually expects to attend college someday….sigh, I can only dream:)

  • edoardo

    It’s really nice but the price is absolutely crazy I don’t understand why ths new brands (also Victoria Beckham did something similar speaking about money) of celebs ask so much money for just bags…(and neither beautiful).

  • mochababe73

    I wore the mini backpack trend in the 80s, and I’m just not going back even if money were no object.
    I just don’t forsee the consumer who can afford this backpack actually buying one. I couldn’t imagine telling someone that I spent an obscene amount of money on The Row.
    I know that it’s was supposed to be practical, but for that amount of money, I wouldn’t want any type of canvas on it.
    Ridiculous price for an even more ridiculous bag.

  • Rashida

    I agree about the canvas… 34,000 for a bag with Canvas on it? And a Hermes bag the price point starts off way less than 34,000, and it is more material. I could see buying a timeless classic like a Hermes for 34,000 if I had it to splurge, but I think I’m too pratical for something like this. I’m in debt up to my eyeballs in student loandebt, so maybe I’d pass on the backpack, It’s a backpack anyway!!!!!! Not now!

  • suz

    The entire outdoor gear industry spends millions on R&D to develop backpacks that are lightweight, flexible and erganomically comfortable. So…why would anyone who wants to actually wear a back pack want one that is heavy, cumbersome and sort of outdated looking….especially when you could buy a nice car or benefit some worthy cause.

  • starqueen)78

    Ewwwww. I hate backpacks – especially fancy ones. The only ones allowed are school backpacks and hiking backpacks. I think this bag flashes back to the mid 1990’s too much for my taste when everyone wore those awful mini ones…… baby spice started it all I am sure!

  • Jackie Ellis

    I wonder how many starving kids that could feed for a year… *sigh*

  • Mak Maria

    Far too expensive for a backpack like this!

  • Bebang

    What a BAG!!! So expensive yet super nice!

  • Miranda

    I almost feel like the Olsen’s and their advisers should be ashamed for making a bag that costs that much. I understand the concept of capitalism and that you should be able to spend the money you have earned on what you want but…..that price tag is just obscene. As it is said in the post-that is college education, car(s), etc. I’m not saying that the money a person would spend on the bag should be given away for those things, it’s just that there is so much more you could do with 34k than buy a backpack-regardless of what it is made of. “More money than sense” is the saying I am looking for. Besides, if I saw someone with it and didn’t know, I would think that it was embossed leather.

  • QQ

    just because there is something “more” one could do with that much expendable income, should not make this bag “wrong”. personally, i may feel it is ridiculous when someone spends a similar amount on an hermes. does that invalidate their choice to spend their money as they wish? no, it does not, and nor should it. someone who could afford this may already be giving sizable contributions to charities. to assume otherwise, is ignorant. had i the lifestyle that might inspire a purchase like this, i would not hesitate, and i would never apologize. croc isn’t really my style, but this is an exquisite bag. and it priced what they deem appropriate. if you don’t agree, it is obviously not marketed to you.

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  • Sami


    • Luce

      donate the money to a charity to give women clothes to wear for jobs. DUH!!!
      You are digraceful ti the human rac…they shoed  of hollywoods stars, not in my book, why why why???? was it so important to walk around ny with this bag…NOT