Megs and I have an odd ability: We talk about things, and they happen. It’s inexplicable, and there have been too many instances to completely enumerate here (Example: we joked that I would end up on the plane with a rapper on my last flight from Atlanta to New York, and I then found myself seated next to a guy from Public Enemy), but trust me, it happens. We’re magic, but we don’t know how to control it.

Recently, we found ourselves discussing a $16,000 partially sueded-croc Celine Luggage Tote that Megs had seen in the brand’s Bal Harbour boutique, and we both agreed that Celine was missing an opportunity by not offering a Luggage Tote made entirely out of regular crocodile. Lo and behold, photos of Celine Pre-Fall 2011 gave us a look at exactly the bag we were hoping to see. And if a partially croc Luggage Tote costs 16 grand, I don’t even want to speculate how much this one will be. Larger photo, after the jump.

UPDATE: We’ve heard this bag may be stamped instead of real croc, and if that’s the case, one of these beauties may indeed be in my future.

Ok, so the photo isn’t all that large, but Pre-Fall and Pre-Spring never give us the detail shots that we want. Still, it’s a little something to tide us over until high-resolution images of this beauty hit the Internet.

Photo via

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  • Mommy needs a new bag

    I love it (iPad)

  • lisa

    thats gorgeous! can you and megs please discuss me winning the lottery so i can buy that!

  • Sheena

    I adore this tote. If I had the money to buy it, I would so totally!

  • Jen

    Not bad. (ipad)
    (That rhymed)

  • Sbelle

    Love, love, love it! (ipad)

  • 19yearslater

    Whoa, spooooky. A good spooky. This is gorgeous. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Oh, my, that’s gorgeous. That long tassle thing makes it look a little Balenciaga-y too. Very nice. (ipad)

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    Lovely bag! (ipad)

  • Marianna

    This is truly a lovely bag and I am glad it’s so far out of my reach I can’t try to rationalize the purchase! :) (ipad)

  • XXAL

    wait, this isnt the boston bag? i never liked the boston (or Celine in general) very much, but i must say i love this one! it seems as if it will function as a neverfull but its got a complete new look! i never thought this would happen but i think i want a celine! if they have this in leather.. & an understandable price.. it will be on my list. die-hard mulberry fan just made a new discovery(: (ipad)

    • This bag goes by so many names – Boston, Luggage, Shopper – that I’m not sure which of those, if any, were provided by Celine. In person, the price tag just says “shopper.” Luggage seems to be the name preferred by the Celine girls on the Forum, so that’s why I used it here.

  • Shana

    Gorgeous (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Sexy (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Love Celine (ipad)

  • Ellen

    Absolutely beautiful! (ipad)

  • Thu Huynh

    I like it (ipad)

  • Ken Vien

    wow, that is something (ipad)

  • Renee’

    I am so loving that tote. Fingers crossed they do one in stamped croc! (ipad)

  • Bir

    Loveeeeee it perfect . I’m happy to see such wonderful bags with out logos on them .

  • Sara

    Nice bag (ipad)

  • Kelly W.

    From what I know, its actually black stamped faux crocodile retail at $2,990! =)

  • annabelle

    OMG so gorgeous!!! love the croc and the design!!! (ipad)

  • Pam


  • Vitta

    Love this awesome bag! But a bit scared by your “magic” ability… Are you OK, girls? Don’t work too hard.

  • Kristine

    LOVE IT!!!! (ipad)

  • Sue E

    I love it! (ipad)

  • Alicia

    Looks like I am the lone dissenter – I think the shape is weird – it looks like a regular tote that was smooshed and the sides exploded outwards. I have no doubt the material is gorgeous though! (ipad)

  • Alicia

    (and of course Id love it if someone gave it to me) (ipad)

  • Tiffany

    I’d love it….only if someone would gift it to me :X (ipad)

  • greenpixie

    This is stunning, love the color and texture on this shape. Beautiful, indeed. (ipad)

  • GorgeouslyAwesome

    i think i love it…. but at the same time im not quite sure. lsl (ipad)

  • quimerula

    Me wantz (ipad).

  • Miriam

    I recommend this bag for the next Purse Forum giveaway. PLEASE!!! (ipad)

  • Barb

    Nice bag but I don’t like the “butterfly sides”. Other than that the leather looks lovely. (Ipad)

  • Joyce

    The sides on this one seem to be bigger than in the other luggages released so far … we’ll have to see when this one comes out! (ipad)

  • gpc

    It is stamped croc with price @$2900. Appears Celine is hiking the prices in ridiculous proportion to materials, etc… I think first season and up to now prices are below $2000 for this bag (leather version). My leopard calf hair was “only” $2400. I know the design has been tweaked and it is one seamless piece of skin used, but I am still not sure what is justifying the $500-900 price increase. (iPad)

  • ninjaninja

    Even if it is stamped, Celine is pretty pricey. (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    I totally agree with the above poster; I would love it if this bag was part of another give away (ipad)

  • louch

    I really don’t get the attraction to this bag. I LOVE the Celine Box Bag but the price is ridiculous. The Luggage bag looks so big and awkward and heavy and I don’t like the sticking-out bits. Obviously I am in the minority! (Ipad)

  • Bettye

    Nice handbag, but I cannot afford it. (ipad)

  • Lianne

    Um. Bleh. (ipad)

  • Maggie

    Very pretty! (ipad)

  • Tonya

    Nice! (ipad)

  • PhotoGirl

    Gasp! I. Want. That!

    PS: If you can truly make things happen by talking about them, may I send you a short wish list? There are three or four things that need to happen in my life ASAP. :) (ipad)

  • Kim

    I want! (ipad)

  • Mel

    :drool: (ipad)

  • swati

    i’m on the fence on this once . (ipad)

  • Sosti

    OMMMG! I LooOove croc and this Celine bag is IT! Love!

  • Sosti

    OMMMG! I LooOove croc and this Celine bag is IT! Love!(Ipad)

  • cl

    this is gorgeous!!! i love everything about this bag (ipad)

  • LDJ

    $16K? WTF? OK…..I like it, I would love to see it in a loud color, like lime green or pink or turquiose. (ipad)

  • Elizabeth

    GAH that is GORGEOUS!! I hoep it’s stamped too! (ipad)

  • Chells

    Love it! Classic black with an easy vibe to it. (ipad)

  • Mousse

    Not for me. (ipad)

  • Jenn

    classic black (ipad)

  • spanish moss

    incredibly luxe in appearance. (ipad)

  • Jen

    So pretty. I’d LOVE to tote that around :) (ipad)

  • JC

    what is with the weird side flaps. (ipad)

  • Loquita

    I would wax poetic about this one but my keyboard is too wet from all of the drool…Celine is KILLING me lately.

  • PurseAdict

    I don’t the sides, it am carrying it I think I will try to put the sides in … (ipad)

  • Bagolicious

    Gorgeous bag. But, what’s really cute is the new Celine, very mini, tote bag-style shoulder bag. It’s only about 8 inches wide and looks just like the tote bag. I just saw it at Nordstrom in The Valley (L.A.County). Price $1350.

  • Jelita78

    oh pleaseeeee let it be embossed!!!
    i too want it cheaper!
    this will be a killer tote! (ipad)

  • nick

    No matter if it is real croc or croc embossed, it is gorgeous! (ipad)

  • Justine


  • edoardo

    Celine produces wodnerful bag, especiall,yu thsi one so cool and chic!!! The symbol of luxe in this year!!

  • Tracey G

    love–such a classic!!. (ipad)

  • Tina W.

    Gorgeous bag (iPad)

  • Danielle

    I’m starting to fall in love with their bags. (iPad)

  • ninjaninja

    I just saw a Celine on the bus today, and the leather was just beautiful (ipad)

  • Mochababe73

    I have never liked this bag. The sides sticking out ruins the look. (iPad)

  • mary

    not a fan of animal print but this is actually really cute! (ipad)

  • t

    i feel like drooling right now also this bag looks very heavy. (ipad)

  • t

    do i need a password? why is purseblog asking me for password?

  • Valerie

    Love this! No doubt it will weigh a ton so it won’t be an option for me. (ipad)

  • SS

    Gorgeous!! I also hope it’s stamped. (ipad)

  • Isabelle

    A great option is the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini!!
    It’s got a similar satchel-like shape with the rocker attitude and is more affordable but still good quality.

    You can find it on eBay:

    The leather is so soft!! Such a classic, iconic bag with an attitude!!
    Love it!!!

  • nini

    pretty leather. (ipad)

  • Patty

    I likey likey ( IPAD)

  • helen

    In the past, I’ve noticed that anything that looks like that tends to weight a lot when it’s full of contents. Or maybe I stuff too much into luggage. (ipad)

  • S.J.

    is it heavy? (ipad)

  • S.J.

    side flaps are a bit weird (ipad)

  • Sherry

    classic black (ipad)

  • Sherry

    not for me (ipad)

  • jillybean307

    Lovely! Great shape & style. (ipad)

  • coachwife6

    Great bad (ipad)

  • Chris C

    What Batgirl would carry! (ipad)

  • Missy

    Love it

  • Marvel

    It’s AMAZING! (iPad)

  • PurseDreamer

    this is a beautiful bag! a true classic and looks soo stylish! (ipad)

  • Jen

    I was drooling over the partial croc at Celine BH. Love this! (iPad)

  • Fiel

    I actually like it:O (ipad)

  • nappy

    they call it the Celine Luggage Phantom… very nice croc stamped leather

  • Lina

    hmm, slightly too gimmicky! (ipad)

  • Lina

    Still love Celine though!! (ipad)

  • mimi

    YUM! (ipad)

  • KY

    The bag is beautiful!! (ipad)

  • Emma Glass

    Oh sweet celine (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Can’t help but drool over this bag (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Does this come in any other colors? (ipad)

  • Michelle

    This is one of the most beautiful bags I’ve seen in a while! Love it! (ipad)

  • Elaine

    That bag is perfection! I think it balances out structured and relaxed shapes really well. (ipad)

  • Kate

    Oh what I would do for a Celine tote (ipad)

  • lulilu

    I am totally in love with this one (ipad)

  • Newme

    That purse and an (ipad)!

  • Limey

    love love love! (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    lovely, big roomy, plus croc. (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    croc make a lot of bags more appealing. (ipad)

  • Kelly Morris

    Wow that is a mint as crocodile purse.

  • Ces

    lovely! (ipad)

  • Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    Very fun and wearable (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    aw easy to wear and classic (ipad)

  • Diane

    sigh…i wish i have this one… (ipad)

  • jo

    i waaaaant! (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Fab! (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    It’s a classic! (ipad)

  • Smith

    girl u should design a handbag line! (ipad)

  • Deborah Curran

    too big for me – ipad

  • Paulina

    Embossed or not, the croc is gorgeous! (iPad)

  • belle

    I am in love. Love, love, love. (ipad)

  • ellen

    terrible, crocdile skin is awful (ipad)

  • Heidi

    Absolutely gorgeous! (ipad)

  • mango

    sexy. (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Lusting for this beautiful bag (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Every woman needs something like this in her collection (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    I just want to touch it… (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    If magic allowed you guys to sit next to a rapper on a plane… (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    I want some of that magic! (ipad)

  • Desaria

    cool (ipad)

  • wendy

    I wonder if it’s real or embossed croc. (ipad)

  • Beth

    This bag is perfect for going anywhere! (ipad)