seril python knockout clutch
Seril Python Knockout Clutch

Seril handbags have been a hit in the accessory world before. The edgy appeal and the inspiration found by brass knuckles makes the Seril Knockout Clutch a funky wild child. And which wild child took a liking to this clutch? Angelina Jolie, the mommy and Goodwill Ambassador by day and wild woman by night. The Seril Knockout clutch is not new to the scene but is having a formal introduction on Purse Blog now. The simple leather version was what Angelina opted for, but I want this edgy clutch even edgier, and this is why I am showcasing the python and ostrich version. And to prove the worth of these clutches, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC has made the Knockout Clutch a part of the permanent collection of their Costume Institute. The idea behind the bag is what is truly alluring; the thought of a purse being molded after brass knuckles. Brass knuckles seem to have such a negative connotation, but when you combine the perfect finger holes, the appeal of a clean lined clutch, and an exotic material, you truly have a knockout! The ostrich version is available in black or grey ostrich for $1245 and the blue python version is available for $617. To order call 323-277-3886 or check further online at Seril.

seril knockout
Seril Knockout Clutch in grey ostrich

seril knockout clutch black
Seril Knockout Clutch in black ostrich

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  • mette

    The buckles look odd in the picture, they look like holes. Perhaps in person the bag looks different. I don´t get the idea why they are there.

    • They are holes!! Your put your fingers though, just like the whole brass-knuckle idea. Really imaginative I think

  • Kinny

    I would not buy it. The style is very interesting but can’t be that comfortable. I forsee grave arthritis in my future with this bag as I have too many gadgets and accessories inside my bags. :lol:

  • Kinny

    They do not look very comfortable. I see grave arthritis in my future since I lug too many gadgets with me. :wink:

  • robin

    i LOVE it, being an edgy wild child myself. I think it would be amazing in a more metallic silver (more like some steel knuckles (can you all them that?)) or in a pitch black… hmmmm *goes to site*

  • Raquel

    i’m very disapointed bu purseblog because there is not celebrities with handbags but only handbags !!! i’m a huge fan but please i’d like to see victoria beckham or anyone with a purse !!!

  • Raquel

    how much is it ?

  • lqyb

    right Meg.make sense.the hole handle not just very imaginative also a must.a cltch in ostrich is not a good idea,you want to leave your hands off the skin as much as possible.

  • Cindy

    I’ve seen this bag about 6 months ago either in a magazine but the more that I think about it, I think it was on the Stacy London After Dark program or whatever it was called that was on TLC around Christmas time. I love the ostrich and I love the style. I’m pretty sure it’s quite pricey.

  • amanda

    I think the leather version is really cute. Its different in the way that at first glance its not really noticeable, but makes you take a second look. I would get it if it wasn’t so pricey :???: