Reed Krakoff Alligator Hobo, $30,000 via Net-a-Porter

A $30,000 price tag always sticks out to me, probably because when I was growing up, that’s how much I thought a car cost. Naturally, I’ve since learned that sometimes cars cost less, and even more bizarrely, sometimes handbags cost more. The Reed Krakoff Alligator Hobo, however, comes in at 30 grand on the nose.

Black alligator seems to be the preferred method of delivery for that many thousands of dollars worth of handbag, if this design and The Row’s backpack (which has now been identified as alligator instead of our original guess of crocodile) is any indication. For my money, I’d want something a little more adventurous, but I suppose that versatility is of the essence when one is actually considering spending that much money on a single bag.

I was somewhat surprised to see such an expensive piece come from Reed Krakoff; one of my favorite things about the brand since its launch has been that Krakoff’s prices are much more in tune with the kinds of price points that consumers want than most other companies seem to be. On further reflection, though, launching this design at this time makes a certain kind of sense. Krakoff needs to make sure that it continues to distinguish itself from parent company Coach, both in design and in public image, and adding a few ultraluxury pieces to the mix is a smart way to do that while garnering some industry chatter in the process.

So while this bag might be a savvy move for the people who make it, I wouldn’t say the same for the people who buy it. Save your outrageous handbag budgets for something a little more special; at this rate, the next $30,000 bag should be just around the corner. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $30,000.

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