When we discussed Reed Krakoff’s Fall 2010 handbag line last week, many of you mentioned that your favorite was one we had omitted: the Reed Krakoff Alligator and Felt Boxer II Tote. The bag’s omission was intentional: I think it’s beautiful enough to deserve its own post.

When it first appeared on Net-a-Porter two weeks ago, it managed to sell out before I even woke up (which, admittedly, was later than a real adult should be waking up for work), but a second shipment has come in. So, you know, gather up that extra seven grand you have laying around, because this thing doesn’t come cheap.

Whether or not the bag is really worth $6900 is up for debate – some brands charge far more for any brand with alligator elements, and although this one isn’t entirely alligator, the trim is pretty significant. The color variation of the skin is perfection, and the juxtaposition with the neutral cream felt adds a richness to the bag that is hard to resist, even for someone like me who has a more hard-edged personal aesthetic. For anyone worried about durability, the bag’s gusset and much of the back panel are made of caramel leather, so the felt is in many ways as much of an accent as the exquisite alligator. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $6900.

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  • 19yearslater

    Ahee, it’s lovely but not worth that much money. I really can’t imagine paying that much for a bag, and while this is pretty classic it’s also very in-season now which might make it unwearable next fall.

  • michelle ( another one)

    Better question…. HOW DO YOU OPEN THIS BAG. This bag looks like it would take forever to open and close.

    • If you go to the product page at NAP, there’s a close-up picture of the top of the bag. The Boxer totes have a false flap – they’re actually true tote bags, and the flap doesn’t cover the opening. It’s hard to explain, but the picture makes it clear.

      • Jelita78

        so that is how u open it…
        i was about to wonder about the complexity of criss cross leather strap but then i said to myself, it could just be deceiving! hahaha.. (ipad)

  • Beth S.

    It’s GORGEOUS, but it ain’t worth almost 7K!

  • mochababe73

    Saw these in Saks. I was not impressed. It wasn’t worth the money. I don’t care how much alligator is on it. Not worth it. And the bag is stiff.

  • Hiew Mui

    the alligator is gorgeous but personally think that the beige cream part looks like the material of carpet.

  • I have to go see this in person – I really love this bag!

  • Laura

    I have to say that in photos many Krakoff bags look beautiful, but so far I have been very disappointed by them in person. The leather feels rubbery and heavy and the stitching is off. I was shown two at Saks and both of them had missing rivets.

  • kim

    I went to the Reed Krakoff store last week in saw the bags in person, and they are all gorgeous! The Boxer II is on the heavy side (as it is lined in leather), but the SA I spoke to said they were looking into lighter lining fabrications for spring. The top is open and it has many compartments for papers, phone, makeup, etc. The leather is stiff, but not as structured as say a Birkin…it will soften with time.

    If you like this combo but can’t afford the alligator, there is a leather/flannel Boxer I tote for $990.

  • kim

    Oh and the bags are made in Italy.

  • MizzJ

    I’m not a fan of felt as a luxury material for a bag, but I have heard that there are high quality felts out there, if that’s possible. If so, this bag is a really beautiful example of it!


  • JenG

    Love it!

  • edoardo

    The idea is cretaive and interesting but I think that its aestethic is too much “full of details…”


  • bisbee

    I just went to the website – love this bag! I love it without the alligator as well…it’s a good thing they were out of stock or it might have been on it’s way to me right now!

  • shopper

    I love this bag! The different textures surprisingly work so well together. I love the overall feel and syle of the bag. Beautiful!

  • Demi

    I like it. I don’t love it though and I think the price is a bit exagerated…

  • nick

    I like this bag. It is unisex. But the price is outrageous and is very heavy. (ipad)