Pauric Sweeney is well known for his beautiful and continued use of python in the bag line that bears his name, and his are consistently some of the most interesting and useful snakeskin bags on the market. He dabbled mostly in neutrals for spring although he does do brilliant brights from time to time, and the bag that caught my attention immediately was the Pauric Sweeney Shiny Python Crossbody.

Naturally, my first attraction was to the expertly finished python skin, which Sweeny consistently manages to make shine in a way that few other designers do. But after the initial “OOOH SHINY OBJECT” reaction wore off, I started to wonder: is this the type of bag I would actually use?

For now, my answer to that question is going to remain a tentative “maybe.” I go back and forth between thinking that the top handle is too big and heavy for such a petite bag and appreciating the contrast it provides, and with a crossbody strap that would likely get the lion’s share of the actual use, it’s a relatively minor concern. It maybe it does give the bag a nice sense of structure, and if you were to remove the crossbody strap, it might even make an appropriate hand-held bag for a night out. Or maybe I’ve looked at this bag for too long and it’s starting to make me cross-eyed. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $1535.

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