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  • missarewa

    a mink backpack is ridiculous. the other items seem okay to me. if u have $ laying around, why not?

  • Rada


    • Aurora

      Agreed! It’s stunning!

    • Mya Wilkes


  • Sandy

    The Givenchy bags are amazing….but not sure I would shell out the additional $$ for an exotic….I usually like the original versions just fine!

  • Eric Hernandez

    Think Chanel has them beat at $60,000

    • elise

      Yeah absolutely. When it comes to most expensive bags, Chanel always stands out from the crowd. Guess some people just enjoy the feeling buying super expensive handbags and post them on Instagram. No offense.

    • Adrianne

      I’ve seen some Hermes on Potero (sp) website for $90,000 +. That to me is ridiculous an I LOVE a beautiful handbag.

  • The 10 Most Expensive Bags of Fall 2014 – PurseBlog
    llggeibhz http://www.g0ye97iu0lcy49r1hr7j740353b1xds6s.org/

  • FashionableLena

    The only one that peaked my interest was the Fendi calf hair. The rest are not my cup o tea.

    • grammarqueen

      That would be “piqued”.

      • FashionableLena

        I know, but it wasn’t the word that I wanted to use. I know exactly what I wanted to write, and I didn’t get on here for a grammar lesson. Thank you.

  • Annoyed

    To be honest … People are starving in the world and there are prices of cars for handbags … There is nothing fashionable about that …. My goodness, the fashion world has gone mad

    • Astounded

      I totally agree. I was fortunate enough to get a Hermes kelly bag last year, but I felt so guilty for spending 11k, I sold it and donated some money to those in need. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world and the hunger I have seen has certainly humbled me. If you can afford to buy these bags, go for it. At the same time, if you can afford the bag, it would not hurt to feed those that go hungry day in and day out. I’m sure many of these ladies already give back.

      • RyAn

        I will buy your bag if you want to sell it. Please let me know !!

      • Astounded

        Sorry. I sold it already.

      • Bettyknowsbetter

        Did you not carefully read her post??? She said she SOLD it and gave some money to those in need. Sadly, you sound like another airhead woman that embarrasses the rest of us because you don’t pay attention, plus your reading skills are very poor. Perhaps you should take the money you would have paid for her bag and go back to school and get an education and spend your money that way and then give money to the needy and homeless at the same time since you’re wasting precious air in your head by not being able to read.

      • Mintjuliep

        Bettyknowsbetter you must think you know better, I can’t believe how you just reamed RyAn for misreading! Wow, poor thing. I get so sick of online bullies.

      • Emily Boyd

        That’s a bit harsh.

      • sandy

        you sound like a psycho path Bettyknowsbetter. jeez relax.

      • Konjo

        Well said!

      • Astounded

        Thanks :)

      • akumabird13


      • Astounded

        Excuse me? Why would you call me stupid? FYI I have three degrees and I’m an entrepreneur. I am far from “stupid.” Your ignorance is just baffling.

      • sandy

        you go girl Astounded!

      • Astounded

        Thank you Sandy :)

    • Stoptheshaming

      More guilt and shame on women. No one is chastising men to sell their 40k car high school dream car and donate to the poor. Cars are functional too but they do to hold their value like a pice of jewelry or luxury handbag or become a treasures heirlooms. To each their own.

    • david61350137

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    • bradpeater757

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    • akumabird13


    • benbrowne

      I am so hungry

  • JYK98

    I won’t carry crocodile/alligator bags, because I feel bad for them. And I won’t carry any snakeskin, because I feel that it’ll come slithering out of the closet. Yes, I have ophidiophobia. I’ll just stick to old-fashioned leather. And these bags are ugly, especially for the price.

  • Lauren

    I am happy for people who can afford luxury items and spend their money. Good for them. Most people work hard for their money and if they have family money at least they are spending it. It promotes the economy – jobs are created by people spending and SAs rely on commission. Individuals who have money to buy luxury items should not feel bad about it and if you are critical I am curious what you do relative to charity work and how much of your income goes to charity. You can enjoy life, buy nice things and be a good generous person who helps others. In my experience people who are critical are not happy with themselves and jealous over what others have.

    • Hb

      If that makes you feel better…
      Its a very vain and selfish way of looking at things

      • Letthemeatcakeho

        Jealous much? hahaha ????????????????

  • Loves Purses

    I am obsessed with handbags but I have to say, even if I had more money than Bill Gates, I would not want any of these. The only one that partially “hits the spot” for me is the Fendi Peekaboo Bag. To each his own though. That’s what makes the world go round!

  • rb4s

    These are ridiculous. To each his/her own, yes. My own opinion: stupid. I think they’re ugly to begin with, but to kill an animal that you have no other use for than to make a handbag out of it, shameful. At least we eat beef, so use every part of it. Be resourceful and make bags, coats, etc.

    But to kill a mink for an ugly backpack, seriously? I can’t see the plus side of that. At all.

    Economy booster my keister…

  • WhosThatBag

    How fun is this list! Sure, the prices are ridiculous, but that just adds to the fun of it. I think once one reaches a certain financial status, this kind of shopping is just a sport. Besides, the designers probably only manufactured a handful of these, most of which will be given to celebrities for publicity. Relaaaaxxxxx ladies, it’s only fashion. These bags and their prices have nothing to do with starving humans.

  • WhosThatBag

    Ps. The Fendi calf hair peekaboo is everything!

  • S. Walton

    *sigh* OK, I can readily afford virtually any bag here so no need to pull out the ‘jealousy’ card. I have to say I find this type of excess appalling and verging on vulgar. There are so many homeless children, dogs & cats, etc…who could all greatly benefit from even a sliver of the monies lauded in this article. Each month I donate significant amounts of money before I even deposit funds into savings for myself. I put my money where my mouth is – and not in my purse, so-to-speak.

  • “Well, not too boring, but they’d buy a helluva lot of kibble! Next, they’ll probably try skinning us dogs to make bags! Ugh!”

  • Teal

    I can afford all of them..only In my dreams

  • Emily Boyd

    No wonder the word bitchy is used to describe women. I think some of the ladies here could choose their words a little more carefully. Make your point but don’t eviscerate the person making the comment.

  • lancelbbsac

    Ecrite critique concernant un individu dans un style vraiment la décoration, qui est le style de l’étiquette sac lancel des temps que nous vivons sans aucun doute en ce qui concerne l’étiquette du sac que nous avons tous


    Shame on the makers and buyers alike of these items. You are a disgrace to the human race for your values. True status in this life lies with what you are doing to contribute to the wellness of others and the planet the you are blessed to have been granted the privilege to experience a journey through the gift of life here. You will one day stand in judgement for your irresponsible self serving elitist mind and ways.