juicy couture go green bag
Juicy Couture California Go Green Canvas Bag

Somehow it seems to be an oxymoron that a trend is saving the planet. Don’t we always want to save the planet? Breathe clean air? Eat hormone free food? Or maybe we don’t, hence we are in the position we are now. I love to see designers who offer eco-friendly bags. I just picked up a new favorite green bag which I will be sharing later. Today I ran into a great organic canvas bag, the Juicy Couture California Go Green Canvas Bag, which will work for a small grocery trip, the beach, or everyday carrier. I see many women who use their handbags as a triple threat, a do-it-all. The bag is made with organic canvas and sports a cute heart-shaped green logo on one side and double shoulder straps. There are two open pockets and dimensions are 20½”W X 17½”H X 1″D. Nothing to write home about, but with the green trend, the slow economy, and summer around the corner, this is an option. Buy through Saks for $75.

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  • Classic Chic

    Oh I have the exact same one, have been using it since purchase :smile: It really don’t take up that much room when folded, SAs are gaga over it, plus they trow in more sample than needed lol :mrgreen: . When it’s empty, the two sides can also be folded in, like LV’s Neverfull, to slim down the look. It also double as beach tote for me, a must buy not only b/c it’s cute, but it’s also a healthy trend.

  • janis

    Juicy is smart to jump in with this canvas bag as the legislature here in CA is tring to pass a law banning plastic grocery/shopping bags. This is kind of pricey for a canvas shopper, tho.

  • iluvmybags

    I saw these at Nordstroms and almost bought one, until I saw the price!! $75 is a little too pricey for me — even if it is helping to save the environment. They need to create a bag that will not only help to save the environment, but that will encourage spending & not promote over-spending (esp in these financially troubled times). A $75 CANVAS tote bag (which isn’t really large enough for a GOOD grovery shopping trip) isn’t the way to do it IMO. Great idea tho — I do like the bag, but I won’t pay that much for it, no matter who’s name is on it!

  • Ammietwist

    The price is absurd and then some. How much money do these morons think people have to spend on something like this? Also, I have to LOL at the irony of this thing probably being made in China, the very country that’s so busy polluting the entire planet that it’s estimated that 20% of California’s future air pollution will be from China.

    Seriously, give me a plastic bag. I can easily reuse it, and it takes up less room and resources than the “green” version.

  • Nancy

    OMG! I don’t think you understand how big the smile on my face is right now. I LOVE Juicy…I have like almost every bag and charm that Juicy has ever sold. Okay, maybe not EVERY single one, but close to it. I just recently went green too, so this this bag is definitely going to be on next months shopping list. This totally goes with my new wardrome. I just recently remodeled my closet and started a whole new eco-friendly wardrobe. This going green stuff really sticks to you.

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  • wtf

    OMG. I cant believe you guys are trying to cell things on this website for $25496965959. Thats pricey.I wouldn’t buy a purse like that even if i do like then name.

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  • Kim

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  • Tish Brekke

    As cool as it would be to buy this bag – it´s not in my price range right now. However, from all of the charities and various other stores that give away canvas bags, I have enough to shop with. You know there is a lot of work to do, and a lot of things that can be done, but this is not the least – and everyone can help save not just trees and air, but everything in the ocean as well!

    Former career woman turned mom living in Norway

  • TaTaTote

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  • Graham

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