Eco Friendly Handbags

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today we want to feature an array of eco friendly handbags. From cotton canvas to vegan, these designs are eco friendly and sure to put a smile on Mother Nature’s face. We are bringing you bags from the well-known Marc Jacobs as well as PurseBlog favorite Hayden Harnett. We also are highlighting newcomer Matt & Nat, known for their design-centric, eco friendly and vegan accessories. Make sure to get rid of your plastic bags and sport reusable totes not just for Earth Day, but as much as you can! If you run into Vlad and I today, we will be sporting our Rebecca Minkoff Bread and Wine Tote, which compliments this gorgeous weather perfectly. Happy Earth Day!!

Top row, left to right:
1. Hayden Harnett Friends of Al Eco-Tote; $27.50 via Hayden Harnett
2. Felix Rey Toys & Trinkets Eco Diaper Bag; $360 via ShopBop
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Print Locket Pocket Big Tote; $168 via ShopBop

Bottom row, left to right:
1. Matt & Nat Oversized Pleated Satchel; $350 via Nordstrom
2. Hayden Harnett Green Is Good Tote; $20.25 via Hayden Harnett
3. Nordstrom Reusable Tote; $21.95 via Nordstrom

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  • Sara

    Love Matt & Nat, thanks for posting!

  • Free

    It is my opinion that when going green and picking up totes to reuse in the name of being responsible to the planet, one should never pay over $30 for a shopping tote. The amount of plastic you just saved on a purchase can not justify the amount of money you just wasted on a reusable shopping bag.

  • Anna

    I agree with the above comment. Eco friendly at greater than a fifty dollars for an eco bag? Are we paying for the name, because I doubt it takes hours of craftsmanship to make any one of the above bags.

  • Michelle

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  • Anthony

    Wow! very nice! I love these bags…aside from being eco friendly, they can be fashionable too.

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  • 4jan

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  • Afia Aimee

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  • Josh

    I saw a CoolCorC bag made out of cork.  They say its environmentally friendly, but I thought cork came for endangered sea sponges.  Their bags are pricier than these, but I guess there is a lot of labor diving for those sponges.  They state cork comes from sustainably harvested trees, but I’m sure its just CoolCorC’s big industrialized manufacturing engine spreading lies.  Poor Sponge bob.  He became a purse.  

  • Joshua

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