Everyone remembers my Alexander Wang Rocco love and letdown story. My returning this bag still haunts me a bit, as I rarely *rarely* return bags and this one held such a special place in my heart but fell short when it came to my expectations. Either way I will not ignore this bag or stop showing support for a design and idea that I love.

What I don’t love is this version of the bag. I don’t know why designers attempt to add luxury to PVC. It is like adding nice a set of $10,000 rims to a barely functional beater car.

Alexander Wang, why did you do this to a bag that we all adored? The this that I am referring to is the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle in PVC, a small clear PVC body bag with leather accents and studded bottom. Let me give credit where credit is due: this is one of the least appalling PVC designer bags I have seen. At least the leather accents break up the PVC and at least this isn’t a super oversized bag.

But really, PVC bags on a classic design that has already made a name for itself is entirely unnecessary. And while the price comes down $300, paying over $500 for a plastic bag is absurd. Of course there is the entire discussion of who wants their handbag innards to be shown to the outside world. This discussion could just go on and on. If you like it, go for it via Alexander Wang for $525.

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