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While some people want to add trendy pieces to their accessory collection, the majority of handbag enthusiasts I talk to want to add key pieces that will stand the test of time. Few bags manage to become fashion icons without also feeling overexposed, but the Lady Dior has done exactly that: it has the understated beauty of a timeless bag without the ubiquity that makes some designs tiresome. It is, in a word, elegant.

For Cruise 2017, Dior added a new size to its Lady Dior lineup: the My Lady Dior. Not only is this bag precisely what was missing, size-wise, but also, the My Lady Dior can be personalized by adding your favorite Lucky Badges to the strap of your bag. The customizable strap allows for three badges and there are plenty of options to choose from to adorn the long adjustable leather strap.

Dior Lucky Badges

Dior Lucky Badges. Customer chooses three badges upon purchasing the My Lady Dior Bag.
Additional Lucky Badges are available for purchase at $40 each.

There are so many reasons why this is the perfect size Lady Dior Bag. Dior already offers a Micro, Mini, Medium and Large, all which have dimensions that don’t change drastically as you step up from size to size. But sometimes, even the slightest change makes a bag just right, and that’s the case with the new My Lady Dior. With dimensions of 20 x 17 x 9 cm (7.9 x 6.7 x 3.5 in), this bag fills a gap in the lineup. I’m always looking for a bag that is compact but not too petite, and that is precisely what this one offers. On top of it, the smaller size calls for a long shoulder strap, and Dior offers just that with this bag. As the strap is adjustable, you can either carry the bag cross-body on your hip for hands-free use, over one shoulder or by hand with the strap outside. Because of the size and the long shoulder strap, this bag transitions ideally from day to night and will easily become a wardrobe staple.

The customizable shoulder strap is an integral part of this bag, and it’s also the aspect which immediately lured me in. The ability to add three Lucky Badges to the strap matches with the Dior aesthetic perfectly. This bag stands out and adds a fun touch to the Lady Dior look while still remaining perfectly in line with Dior’s feminine, classic appeal. Mr. Dior was known to be very superstitious and believed strongly in luck and signs, so each Lucky Badge coincides with the connection between luck and Dior.

I love finding out deeper meaning behind fashion pieces. Here are a few of my favorite badges and the significance behind them:

Bee: Symbol of collective work, connected to flowers. The bee was an historic French symbol under Napoleon’s reign and a nod to Christian Dior’s love of the garden.

Badge: Cannage code featured on the Napoleon III chairs in Dior Haute Couture salons. First seen in the Summer 2014 collection, the badge represents the codes and stories of the house. It is a symbol of belonging, of being a Dior woman and a member of the Dior Tribe.


Dior Lucky Badges on My Lady Dior Bag in Black Lambskin

In addition to those, there are many more fun symbols and every letter of the alphabet to create a truly unique and personalized bag. Along with over 40 Lucky Badges, the bag comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Another aspect I haven’t discussed is the ease of use for this bag. While some of the Lady Dior bags have a zipper closure at the top, the My Lady Dior has an easy-to-access flap top. The flap holds all of your things inside but also allows you to easily enter the bag without the hassle of a stubborn zipper. The interior is lined in leather, often in a different but complementary hue.

If you’re like me, the Lady Dior has always been a bag that you’ve loved and admired. But now I feel like Dior has created the perfect addition to make the bag’s feel a bit more youthful and casual. I love the idea of customizing this bag to be mine and speak to me without it losing any of its timeless appeal. The perfect, slight changes to the Lady Dior Bag have made all the difference, and if you’ve been looking for the right size and version to speak to you, it has now arrived.

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  • zainab g

    Do the badges come with the bag? Or are they accessories that need to be purchased separately? I think the empty slots look odd, and I hope the 3 badges are included in the price of the bag.

    • Vlad Dusil

      Three badges of your choosing come with the bag, more can be purchased after!

    • The bag comes with 3 badges and then you can purchase additional badges for $40 each!

  • Sarah

    I loved this bag already but you’re right Megs, the size seems perfect! And the strap is really luxurious and not too childish like other straps out there. I think I need this bag now!

    • You and me both! I don’t have a Lady Dior bag yet and I truly believe this is the perfect size – just need to decide on the color!

  • Beth

    These bags are stunning and so are the pictures! Now I want one too!!

  • Sparky

    very cute. great idea.

    • I think Dior implemented the customizable bag and strap far superior to majority out there :)

  • Ashley

    Ah I have to have one of these! Are you getting one Megs Which color?

    • Ha, I want one too! Can’t decide on the color – maybe just classic black, but I do love the red as well…

  • Sandy

    This is one of the bags that I have yet to purchase but would like to. This is the perfect size and I agree the strap/charms add something new and a little edgy to this beautiful bag in the best way.

    • It’s really like the Goldilocks story for me – this size is just right! The strap is really classy, I love it

  • Madalina


    Madalina from Sinestezic

  • Stephanie Murphy

    Great article! LOVE the Lady Dior! Is there an image of the various Lady Diors side-by-side to help visualize My Lady Dior’s size difference relative to the others?

    • After the new year I can try to get one of each size to photograph for a comparison for you all! We weren’t able to this time but I’d love to do that!

  • Laura

    I got mine on monday and it really is the perfect size especially as I’m a petite girl. It fits so much more than you would think and the large leather strap looks (in my opinion) way better than the usual thin one. Plus, the badges really make it look young as the bag in itself looks very classic. I just love it because leaving the strap away, it is a classic. Especially as I chose the black with champagne hardware. Nobody could tell this is from the Cruise collection. But then I get my strap out and boom there is its uniqueness haha
    Can you tell I love it? :D

    • Ah so happy to hear you got one! I love how the strap looks on this bag – which badges did you pick out?

      Share a photo if you can!

      • Laura

        I picked my initials L and P, the red lady dior and the golden badge with the red “dior” writing, I’m still waiting for the heart badge to come from Paris as my boutique didn’t have it. I wanted to get 5 badges of which 3 were not personal just in case I want to hand it down someday ( or sell it ). That’s another thing I love about this type of personalization; you can choose to personalize it with your initials but it’s not a forever thing like hot stamping. The thing I only noticed once in store is that when you wear the bag crossbody the badges are the good way around but if you then use it hand held they’re upside down. So you have to take them off and put them back on the right way but that just takes seconds :)

        As a reference I’m 5’1 (157cm) 103 lbs (47kg)

      • Deidre

        Thanks for sharing the pic!!
        The bag looks awesome, congrats!!

      • Bag looks great on you!! Love the classic black!

  • Sara

    Quite cute. Curious to know what fits in it.

    • Vlad Dusil

      We can do a ‘what fits’ of this Lady Dior in the near future.

      • Yes! I’ll do that after the New Year and a size comparison with all Lady Dior bags

  • Giselle

    I really like this size, I wish there was a Dior boutique near me.

  • Kym

    Ok you’ve convinced me – I’m going to get one! Thinking the light pink or just go classic black. I’ll go to the store this week to buy it! Thanks Megs!

  • Janaki Subramanyam

    Hi Megs,

    Would love to see that comparison of sizes for the Lady Dior. I’ve been going back & forth wondering if I go for the Lady Dior or the Diorrosimo. I prefer structured bags as opposed to a tote but worry that the zipper is so tight that getting in & out of the Lady Dior with my rings on would be a challenge. Thoughts?

    • I’m going to try to pull the different sizes of the Lady Dior and let me see if I can pull a Diorissimo as well for a comparison for you!

      • Janaki Subramanyam

        Thanks Megs, Look forward to reading that post. Happy New Year.