Why? Seriously, that is all I keep thinking when I look at this bag. And, I’m not even talking about the price… yet. I’m just going to start off by saying, the Dior Samourai 1947 Woven Bag is a definite no-go for me. I am sure that hours of work go into putting this bag together, but, it’s just not working for me. The textural grained leather woven together like a basket looks way too busy. Now, add the leather handles with tie detailing and serpent ring attachments and you’ve got yourself a bag worthy of a headache. The other thing that bothers me about this bag is that the leather doesn’t even look soft. Beyond that the handles appear to be practically painful. I mean look at the handles, doesn’t it seem like if you were to go and grab the bag as you run out the door that there is a good chance you would scratch yourself? In the end, this bag is far too ornate for me. There are plenty of other Dior handbags I would consider buying before this one. And I hope you are ready for this, you would need to put down quite a few of your precious pennies in order to take this bag home with you. If you can pull of this bag, go for it, but it’s not for me. Buy through eLuxury for $3,900.

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  • Kate

    Looks like something a World of Warcraft player would carry.

  • lauren

    I actually like it on some weird level, but I would never spend that much, nor would I carry it. I can appreciate the time that was put into it, but yeah it does kinda remind me WOW or something LOL…Maybe when they called it samurai they meant the bag would go ninja on you. It does look like it could cut you.

  • Grace

    Defiantly not an everyday bag…but I can see this bag on a celebrity, walking down a red carpet… looks like something Nicole Kidman would wear w/ one of her dresses :)

  • Maddie

    Almost $4,000 for something that looks like it was made of wicker? Ew.
    But then again if I was celebrity and Dior said to me “Have this bag for free, just please take it to “, I wouldn’t exactly say no.

  • Maddie

    Almost $4,000 for something that looks like it was made of wicker? Ew.
    But then again if I was celebrity and Dior said to me “Have this bag for free, just please take it to (insert very important film premiere here)”, I wouldn’t exactly say no.

  • girly_bits

    In the words of Tim Gunn…”You need to edit this. There’s a lot going on there.” I’ll add my own word…Yuck!

    • Nat

      i thought about tim gun straight away too!!! hahahhahah

  • ellie

    I wouldn’t get this bag for myself, but I do appreciate the craftmanship and artistic quality that went into making this. Please don’t diss it by calling it a basket, it’s more like a beautiful artwork and should belong in a museum.
    Dior is known for its beautiful Samourai bag collection and once again, John Galliano has done a genius work!

  • bvbirdygirl

    for that money no way!

    but the snakes on the handle are adorable!

  • MizzJ

    This bag is like a concept car: cool in theory and design, but utterly unusable for real life.

  • dyjann

    I don’t think this bag is meant to be a grab-and-go bag. It’s very elaborate and more for show. And yeah, it looks like something from a museum!

  • Merve

    Its like they came up with 10 ideas and decided to run with all of them. Kinda makes me think of Indiana Jones as well.

  • mette

    The color of the Dior bag is fine,but it is too detailed to my taste. It is something to look at, but not something you would carry around.

  • Anilu Magloire

    Yikes!!! This is just plain scary looking.

  • Balthus

    I have seen this bag IRL – I know someone who bought last year in fuschia. It’s a gorgeous bag & definitely one of a kind & I would own it but way too much expensive IMO.

  • rachel

    I agree. This bag is beautiful IRL, and actually very ladylike. Definitely not a grab-and-go bag. It requires a thoughtful, well chosen outfit and an extrordinary occasion. It’s definitely worth the price, only I can’t afford it :(

  • Empress

    I actually like this bag (shock!). I would never carry it though. This is an extraordinary bag worthy of a museum, not an arm.

  • Bianka

    Gorgeous piece of art. I actually may look into purchasing it because IRL it’s stunning. I’m baffled that people actually say it’s disgusting. It’s not an everyday bag that’s for sure. Dior has some of the most gorgeous bags out there.

  • Kimber

    I actually have this bag in green – and IRL, its absolutely gorgeous and I get complimented on it constantly! I live in a big metropolitan, urban city – so have plenty of opportunity to wear it. Surprisingly, it goes well with a LBD…and looks great with sexy jeans and heels too! Its a total statement piece – and worth the investment in my opinion. While I have a lot of other great designer bags. This one’s getting passed down to my daughter! It’s an amazing bag.

  • Kimber, def works better since you are in a big city! Many cities are just not the place to wear it!

  • Too

    it’s a statement bag worth investing IMO. I really think this was one of Dior’s best bag designs. It’s so individual, then again, fashion sometimes isn’t about compromise

  • Rissa

    I love this bag. But I see it more as a work of art than something I would carry around often.

  • kemilia

    I remember seeing these Dior bags in a Neiman’s catalog last year and thought they were works of art, just beautiful (different colors and varying styles).

  • Linda

    I think this is a beautiful bag. A work of art. But to me it looks like a muesum piece and not something I could pull off….darn.

  • daisyjane

    I am almost laughing too hard to reply after reading Kate’s comment “Looks like something a World of Warcraft player would carry.” That is HILARIOUS!!! It is also
    spot on!

  • Sukiana

    Not something I would wear. Dior or not…way too overboard.

  • Kathey

    Looks like it could break easily. Reminds of Christian Lacorix and his haute but he could pull this off better! I like that they took initiative and a risk with the Dior line.

    Have a good day~ :D

  • elizabeth

    this is a very interesting bag. its very artistic i can appreciate it. very cool


  • bunny

    it DOES look like Indiana Jones. haha imagine when he enters the scared temple of ooklawatulah and there, on the pedestal, is this Dior Samurai bag. but wait, it is not On the pedestal, it is floating just an inch or two above it! can it be? will picking it up summon the great japanese god johna galliano-san?

  • Carol

    Is a beautiful bag, I have one too, in black. Everyone adore this bag, is very pretty. I´m very young to carry this bag, i´m only 23 years old, definity is the bag for a older and mature woman, but was a gift. I really like the dior´s bag´s they all are very adorable.

  • baglady

    I love this bag…….with such intricate details and imagine the painstaking long hours spent to get this beauty done uniquely. How awesome.

  • Kathryn

    very unique thats for sure! love it!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    maybe alittle too busy for me (fb)

  • CC

    my samourai handle just fallen off today><

  • Nat

    hate it!

  • Hiew Mui

    i have this bag in purple and brown color.
    i am very proud to have it and even consider to get more as i think that its hard to have a genius like Galliano who could design such an artistic bag.
    by the way,the color of the bag in the reality is much much more beautiful than the photos one.

  • gail

    where could you buy this today and how do you know it is authentic?