When I think of Christian Dior, all I see is Charlize Theron stripping down and all I hear is her voice softly and seductively saying “J’adore Dior”. The brand is known for its long history and timeless aesthetic. And with the re-opening of their store in Shanghai, Dior has decided to create an exclusive and limited edition selection of items.

Christian Dior’s boutique at Plaza 66 in Shanghai, China will re-open this May. With the reopening, Dior has decided to launch a limited edition selection of iconic pieces from the house in Dior blue. These pieces will be sold exclusively at their Shanghai store, which means many of us will never be able to buy them. This launch coincides with the World Expo and the Dior Cruise 2011 fashion show being held in Shanghai on May 15th.

The Dior blue collection will feature 12 products in total including: a Dior mobile phone in sapphire crystal with cannage marquetry, a Lady Dior evening bag in blue calfskin with blue sequins in Dior’s iconic cannage design, a Lady Dior classic bag in blue calfskin, a Mise en Dior costume jewelry necklace in blue colored pearls, and a graphic “Dior Lucky” scarf featuring a collage by John Galliano displaying one of the house’s most famous models Lucky.

Of course we are drawn to the handbags immediately. The Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag is beautiful in blue calfskin with black trim. Fitting for the trends this season, the bag features a military style messenger strap. This bag would be my personal choice as it is both classic and current. There is also a blue calfskin Lady Dior Evening Bag with blue sequins. And while not handbag related, the Mise en Dior costume jewelry necklace, originally introduced as part of Camille Miceli’s first collection for the house, in blue colored pearls is breathtaking.

This information leaves me blue knowing that I will not be able to partake in seeing the pieces in person or purchasing.

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  • BLynnT

    That bag (non-evening bag) and necklace are gorgeous. I love that shade of navy-ish blue. It is really a shame that we can’t get a hold of them over here.

  • Oliana Spiridopoulos

    I am sure you can ship one over, when there is a will there is a way..
    Clever marketing, J’adore Dior!

  • faith24

    what a gorgeous and timeless shade of blue. it is a shame that Dior chose to limit this color to certain stores- i think colors like that should be available in all Dior stores.

  • Melody

    OMG I WANNTTTT!!! =(

  • grapegravity

    I hope they’re still available when I go to Shanghai this Oct for Expo….

  • Nancy

    The Lady Dior bag is sumptious and gorgeous. It’s one of two bags that I will spend the rediculous amount of money on; the other is the Chanel classic flap.

    • Catt

      I agree with you Nancy, these 2 are one of my top choice for parties. What color are your dior and 2.55? My lady dior is hot red; 2.55 is pink :)

      • Nancy

        Hi Catt, My Lady Dior is very light pink and I have the Chanel in Ivory and Black.

  • dguerrero3

    Oh I wish these items were available to us.

  • Cate

    I love that color!

  • Stacy

    great color. give it time…some of these items will end up on ebay just need to find a trusted seller and have it authenticated.

  • Sofia Nolan

    love the color and the accesories. everything looks special. but then again, christian dior is special :)

  • Tori

    I always liked the Lady Dior. So cool they’re including the long strap with it, finally! The sequined version is kinda pretty too. I love that bracelet!

  • cLiu

    I am at Shanghai now, anyone need help? =)

  • Karin bag4bag

    Love that Lady Dior evening bag.

  • Pragya

    The color is gorgeous! One bag that will never be out of fashion.. its one classic!
    And agree with Nancy the other classic is definitely Chanel Classic Flap ♥

  • Nazneen

    I WANT THIS!! LOVE DIOR!! <3 <3


  • Irra


    Nice :)

  • Jocelyn

    I like the color but it’s not really my style of bag. (fb)

  • Daniella

    Absolutely love the color!

  • Meredith

    I would snap this bag up in a hot minute.

  • Jane

    Love the Lady Doir bag, but not a fan of the Evening Doir bag the sequins is to big you can’t truly see the pattern. The necklace is STUNNING. I would love that necklace and I would love to wear it pretty much every chance I got.

  • Jasmine

    I would like to ask if you may assist:

    What do you think is more classy and of more value in terms of style and the bag itself if I keep it for years…is it Chanel Maxi, Lady Dior Large, or Hermes?

  • Anonymous

    There is also a unique limited Edition of the hand assembled Diorphone with its My Dior in a chic dark blue sapphire crystal

  • Nick

    How much is the bag … Any idea…??

  • Cherry

    Hello! If I want 2 buy dress in the Shanghai Cruise collection, when is the in store date and can I buy them in Paris store?

  • annamaria

    bellissima !!!quanto costa la classica lady dior bag blu con finiture nere?

  • annamaria

    bellissima!!quanto costa la lady dior bag blue con finiture nere??

  • mary

    i just saw that bag at bloomingdales 59th st Lexington ave its amazing!!

  • Vic

    I js bought mine in harrods!!!