Labor Day Whites

Happy Labor Day to all of our US readers! Labor day does not only mean a three-day-weekend but also the last holiday weekend of summer and an old stipulation that we must all put away our whites. We have all been drilled with the old custom that after Labor Day we should not wear white. Where did this tradition come from?

There are many explanations for this tradition, ranging from weather to status symbol. Some say that white clothes do not help protect against cold weather. Light summer clothing was advised to be put away after Labor Day to prepare for heavier clothing for winter. Originally, the garments that were restricted were white dress shoes and pumps. Over time, the rule began to include white clothing in general.

Another theory is that older society families were much more concerned with fashion etiquette than recent generations. They wanted to educate the new rich with rules about fashion which was intended to guide the high society. Since the 1950’s and 60’s, the steadfast rule has slipped away, as many find it outdated and refuse to follow it.

Cream and ivory has always been accepted as a winter white option and continues to be seen for fall/winter fashion lines from many major labels. Over time, the rule forbidding white clothing after Labor Day has transitioned to being an old adage, as many disregard the no white after Labor Day rule and are even applauded for wearing white after Labor Day.

For us, the rule is to be bring white into your winter wardrobe in moderation. Be aware of the materials you are wearing (for example linen is a best for tropical climates and better for summer). Overall, remember to bring in the fall/winter clothing as the seasons transition. Most importantly, wear what you want and feel comfortable wearing! Of course, there are rules of what to wear and when to wear it, but there is seemingly always exceptions to the rules.

Are you putting your whites away?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Judy

    I’m not now! I have a Coach bag I bought earlier in summer that is white and silver and I’m totally going to rock it during fall and winter now and then!

  • atrophia

    My wardrobe doesn’t include much white anyway since it’s so hard to keep clean, so it’s kind of a moot point for me.

  • Donna Melas

    I have a favorite charcoal/gray t-shirt and white jeans that I love to wear…and hating to put them away already.

  • janis

    It is still in the 90’s where I live. I will be wearing my white bags for a little while longer. The only reason I don’t wear them as much in winter is because I like to use my darker bags then…now white shoes is another story.

  • Redseouls

    I usually don’t wear white shoes or carry white handbags after Labor Day. I will continue to wear my white jeans. Megs love your LV and Hermes!

  • Ally

    Call me a fashion rebel. I wear what I want, when I want.

  • ILovePurses

    NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY! Especially in the East. The leaves and weather are changing and it’s time for a wardrobe change.

  • susan

    For me, even though it’s still pretty hot, I’m just tired of it.

  • annaversary

    I don’t follow any rules or trends so I am going to wear my white whenever I want to :)

  • sndc99

    No white for me as far as shoes and purse. when I lived in Vegas I did stretch that a bit

  • Jane H.

    I don’t own many white pieces to start with, but I think this is an old tradition. If I had a white bag or coat etc., I would wear them year round (when appropriate of course :))

  • jonna

    …nope!…i have dark hair so i love wearing white, love the contrast.

  • Bag Me

    I put my white handbag (&white jeans) back on the shelf last night…I miss her already.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve heard all my life ‘no white below the waist’ after Labor Day. I don’t care for white bags after Labor Day either. Where I live, we do have seasons & I don’t think anything other than a crisp white shirt or ‘winter white’ looks appropriate at all.

  • itsallaboutbags

    I’m from the east and I wear white when I want and where I want!

  • Breanna Hite

    I think it’s a silly rule. I wore white sundresses in Alaska in December when I was in high school, and nothing has changed since.

  • denim53

    Moot point for me, too. I never wear white accessories.

  • dangster

    The “no white after Labor Day” rule is silly and archaic. There is NO reason why one should have to put their whites away.

  • spanish moss

    no whites during fall, but a creamy white in the dead of winter is lovely/g

  • NiaBlue

    No, I’m wearing mine. The white rule has been out of STYLE, for years now. And especially in fashion world, however don’t get to comfortable because it might come back in style.:)

  • Mochababe73

    To Ally: You are not a fashion rebel. You are a real woman. Real women and fashionistas wear what they like no matter what the season. I don’t care what the season or fashion magazines say. I wear what I like and what looks good on me. There is no way that I would put something away because it’s not the right season or is it in right now.