2022 is going to be a big year for many, but everyone will approach it differently. As things continue to open back up, some will continue to seek security while others desperately crave spontaneity. Regardless of which camp you’re in, most of us will still need a little extra optimism as we search for comfort, clarity, and familiarity in the coming post-COVID world. Thankfully, the experts over at the Pantone Color Institute were ready to help us out with their newly released 2022 NYFW Spring/Summer palette.

Take It Easy

Spun Sugar (light blue)
A soft pastel blue with fresh airy vibes to help the wearer breathe easy.

Gossamer Pink (light pink)
A lovely powder pink with a tender, affectionate feel. It’s perfect for those who need an extra bit of support as they try to transition back into the world. I know times have been tough, but don’t worry. Everything’s going to be ok.

Prada Cleo Bag
via Bergdorf Goodman

Harbor Blue (blue-green)
This cozy shade of teal will help shelter you from the aftermath of the storm. It’s a great choice for those who found some semblance of stability and want to anchor themselves to the present moment.

Glacier Lake (ice blue)
This frosty shade of ice blue is great for reminding you to remain cool, calm, and collected in the face of 24/7 news coverage and endless Zoom meetings. Let it be your escape into quiet serenity.

Coco Mocha (coffee brown)
Warm your spirit with this rich shade of coffee brown. You’ll need the extra energy for the days ahead.

It’s Party Time

Innuendo (raspberry pink)
A loud raspberry pink to take with you on your adventures. Life may not be completely back to normal, but the new possibilities are exciting!

Daffodil (true yellow)
A lively true yellow straight from the garden. The joy from seeing your spring garden in full bloom comes only second to the return of spontaneous brunch plans!

Dahlia (eggplant purple)
This dynamic shade of purple is perfect for all you movers, shakers, and mischief-makers. Don’t worry, the party won’t start without you.

Poinciana (muted medium red)
The go-to choice for those who are eager to hit the streets and paint the town red.

Skydiver (medium blue)
Things still aren’t perfect, but this beautiful medium blue will push you to see beyond any current limitations and help you reach new heights. The sky’s the limit!

Which color is your favorite?

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Sophia Merns
Sophia Merns
22 days ago

Love these, there is this indie brand called For the Ages who has the best candy colored assortment, I want every one!

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