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  • Jerri R

    I usually don’t care for Coach, but I actually like this bag’s design! Nothing copycat about it and very refreshing :)

    • Imgoingbroke

      Agreed. I always appreciate a fresh design idea.

  • Sara

    The bag is original. Like it.

  • GoFashiondeals

    Very pretty. Not what you normally see for a Coach bag. I like it

  • anon

    So cute! I wish it was a smaller size though. Like a cute little cross body.

    • Alex

      You’d probably love the Coach Shadow Crossbody then! Same idea, but a much more manageable size.

  • Sarah

    Love this pairing!!

  • Chris

    I am not the biggest Coach fan, but this is actually kind of cute. Its original, and does not look like a copy of a more prestigious brand. And while it has some details, it is still basic enough to wear it everyday. Well done, Coach. And the pairing with the jacket is even better.

  • FashionableLena

    I remember when I first saw this bag here, and I really liked the concept. I’m curious to know how this new direction is going because the two Coach boutiques in my area are always empty. The bags in the store skew a little young while I don’t see anything being offered for the older clientele who doesn’t want a bag with a whole lot of bells and whistles.

    • iNeedCoffee

      Have you seen the Nomad hobo? It’s very minimalistic and classy looking. It’s a gorgeous bag. I own it in Racing Green. My local boutique has them in stock, so hopefully yours will too.

  • Smithy

    Love the coat…..

  • gidget

    Are you going to disclose whether or not these are gifts to you? Or no, just like all your other Coach posts?

    • These aren’t gifts – these items were samples from PR that we photographed and returned. Many items that are photographed by us for social or editorial coverage are samples that we are able to have to try out and photograph, but we send back.

      I have marked when an item is gifted to me and also clearly mark when a post is sponsored.

      • TexasST

        Even if they were gifts, some of us appreciate you sharing the info regardless!!

      • Of course! But I want to be up front about it because even if you try not to be biased, it can happen when you are gifted or writing a sponsored post. That’s why we disclose this info!

      • gidget

        Totally, but you had to be asked to share this info with us…maybe be more honest with your readers and share it in the original post rather than being prompted by a fan.

      • We generally don’t mention when we photograph something that was loaned because it is an overwhelmingly standard industry practice, both online and in print. (Everything you see in Vogue, for example, was loaned for the shoots.) When we deviate from that practice—photographing a gift or creating an entirely sponsored post, as Megs mentioned—we always stipulate it clearly.

        When you don’t see any stipulation but you see original photos, it is safe to assume we are adhering to the industry norm of photographing PR samples that are then returned or photographing items we purchased ourselves for our own use! This is not anything we’re trying to hide, but simply a normal part of creating fashion editorial.

      • Cherly

        i like Coach handbags,I buy my Coach handbags from online stores iluxshop.es,I just spend 40$ for it

  • Brittany

    I am completely in love with the edgier style coach has acquired! I am ordering my shearling rhyder satchel 18 as we speak :p

  • StargazerSpider

    I love love love! I seriously love the direction Coach has been heading these past several years, ever since their Borough line.

  • Rashmi

    However good Stuart Vevers may be, one thing he has done that is incredibly a bad misstep on his part is remove the 25% off promotional card that Coach used to send twice a year when the previous Director was present. That 25% card was a great incentive for many buyers. Alas, we now have to wait for sale as I don’t buy coach bags at full prices.

    • Jake

      The event invitations are still sent… More than twice a year, actually. They are exclusive access for clients that shop regularly with Coach. They also have two Semi Annual Sales a year that are open to the public.