coach francine purse
Coach Francine Purse

I have been intrigued by the exotic creations being seen on Coach purses lately. We first had Eva Longoria with a Python Miranda then Rebecca Romijn with an Ostrich Lily. But it is not just their exotics that are catching attention. Coach purses are a fan favorite. In fact, most women start out buying a Coach purse when they break into the designer handbag realm. I know I did. And while my collection has expanded, there are still Coach purses that I see and love. The new line is the Coach Francine line, which is just in time for spring with bright colors on patent leather. Sure there is the obligatory brown and white, but I am intrigued by the eye popping teal and slight shimmer to the metallic. Even better is that a purple will be available April 22nd online. The Patent Leather Francine sports a bold color with a great design, offering a removable strap and an outside pocket with turn lock closure. The shape resembles a bowler bag. This design is great for a hand-held burst of color and flair. The patent leather Francine costs $798 via Coach while the metallic leather costs $898 via Coach.

coach francine

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  • Vlore

    I’ve seen it IRL and it’s super cute. The turquoise is the nicest color…very fresh and modern.

  • Lynnia

    I went to Coach this weekend to ogle the vintage leather Miranda in Brass/blue (no, not SS color but sooo beautiful). But it is so heavy!!! Maybe the alt materials are lighter. I didn’t heft the patent shades.

  • Anita

    I can’t wait to see the purple one.

  • mette

    TERRIBLE bags.No need for further comments.

  • Dacs

    The hardware depreciates the overall look of this bag.

  • Kimist1

    The teal Francine bag really catches my eye.

    The only problem is that it catches my eye EVERYWHERE. It’s in the local Coach store window, it’s on display at all of the area Macy’s it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the Coach store in the mall.

    Maybe I’m cheap, but if I’m going to pay more than $500 for a bag in such a striking color, I don’t want to see the bag every time I turn around.

  • Rebecca

    I agree with someone above; cute bag but the weight will kill you.

  • mrs. w

    i, too, started out with a coach bag (or five) and still love to visit the store or website. it feels like returning to your old high school years later. i can still respect some of their designs each season, but i am less inclined to purchase something that is the “featured” bag for spring.

  • christy

    In my Option, It’s a beautiful bag. Not a bad price in general. But it is for a coach. The coach customer may not spend that on a bag. If it were me…I would rather buy a Vuitton.

  • sam

    I cannot bring myself to pay more than $500 for a Coach bag. Every high school kid carries Coach nowadays. I started out with Coach as well but nowadays it does not feel all that ‘designer’. I’m 26 and if I want a ‘young & hip’ bag I would rather check out Marc by Marc Jacobs where the prices are always below $600!
    Even more so, I would rather add another $500-$700 and buy a Miu Miu or YSL or Hogan or Marc Jacobs and so on.

  • yeva

    Its great to see Coach stepping up and producing very gorgeous looking bags! :razz: But then, I’ll be thinking twice before I buy a Coach purse above $300. Well, I haven’t bought a Coach since two years ago when I found out that their bags are made in China. But very nice design nonetheless!!! :wink:

  • Tina

    Coach has gorgeous bags. It’s a high-end brand and will always be. If Posh Beckham had that bag, everybody and their momma would run out and buy one. Who know…she probably has it.

  • T-Girl

    :shock: The bag IS heavy! Even the model above looks like her heart is not into the bag but she poses nevertheless. It looks like she’s about to buckle under the weight. In this picture, she’s a mess.

    Anyway, I tried lifting the bag in the store and it nearly took my breath away. Just thinking about lugging this thing around town for a day would make me feel angry. :mad:

    No, even when empty, this bag is way too much to lift onto my bony shoulders.

  • RoddyJones

    I love the color. I haven’t seen the bag yet, but from what others are saying about the weight just wouldn’t do for me. Trying to lug this bag around while chasing 3 kids around with my coach diaper bag on my shoulder, I can just see me falling out and my kids tearing up. Ha!Ha!

  • girlygirl

    wow i would love a purse but ummmmmm have u seen the price i mean cant it just drop at least 100 dollars geeze never buy one it is made up of goat

  • lisa

    wow its soo cute but i cant aford it sadly my best friend got one and it cost 200 bucks but she got it cuz her mom gave her 269 dollars for groshery shopping and wow she spent it ha i would do the same if i had a car and lisence for crying out loud im only in 5th grade and my mom says no way cuz i say everyone has one though but she says too bad soo i have to live with out it see ya have a great life.

  • In Washington

    425^2863807 I have the white for sale 500

  • Janet

    This is my FAV COACH BAG! Love the Colour, Love the Design and it’s hard to keep it away from my daughter!

  • Fashionputitallonme

    Im sorry, but when has coach ever been on sale, I mean has anyone ever remember coach back in 06 ever placing the handbags on 50% 40% racks I mean I feel coach died as soon as they started placing their lines on sale. And theyre shoes have really gone down hill Coach is making air force one design type shoes. I used to like this lable, I think this was the last bag I did enjoy, Now I feel their lines are too alike and too easy to get. I enjoy vintage, Like scribble, katelyn sneakers, madison 06 lines, Bleeker, jewlery locket signature circle with cubic zicornia..

  • KAKA

    A real Coach bag is expensive which is the reason why there are fake ones because they almost look like the real ones and they are affordable. Here are some few ways I’ve learned from others on how to know if it is a fake one :
    1. A looks like B
    2. the sewing is really bad
    3. when you hold the bag it’s rough
    4. the cloth/material is cheap
    5. the zippers/buttons,etc don’t have a C or coach on it
    The best way to have a real one is buy it from Coach website or stores but expect that they are expensive. But I found this Coach Shoulder bag from this website who said that their items are original because they got it from factory direct. coach outlet FROM

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    Very cute! I love the shape. I would want to see how heavy it was before I bought it. (ipad)