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  • GreenApple18r

    I really like watch now, pre-order it right after service. I hope it continues to expand.

    • Irene

      English, please.

      • GreenApple18r

        Lol. Why are so many people here so shady. Maybe it’s because their jealousy grows when good looking celebs carry bags they can’t afford. It’s your English that needs fixing.

      • Antonia

        If you look back, the comments by Irene are confusing and rude, even calling someone who answered her question (twice) a ‘moron’.

        I really love the Rogue sans all the patches. I even like the studs on the barrel bags and the leather quality on these fall bags look rich. I’m a fan. :)

  • Lily

    Wow…. I am very impressed with the silhouettes of the purses.

  • Irene

    I love slide 26. However, I don’t like all the crap that’s attached all over it. Are those decals removable? If so, that is a solid design and I will be buying one.

    • Irene

      Moron, those “decals” you’re referring to are permanently fixed into the bag. Meaning, they were stitched, sewn, and attached to the leather.

      • Irene

        Wow, didn’t know you worked for the company and had the inside “Intel” on all the fancy patches. You sound defensive as if it were your personal brainchild. I guess it may be obviously non removable to you because this sort of style is normal in your world..?
        Tacky and totally ruins an otherwise classic and beautiful bag.
        The “moron” is anyone who appreciates DECALS of a T-REX on their handbag, bitch!

      • Firdaus Hilmy

        you’re asking a question, and when someone answered, your reply was “moron”? how nice.

    • Kimmy

      The decals are removable.

  • seres

    Please put down the bedazzler

  • Irene


    • Irene

      Excuse me, I was laughing because my dog just ate my husband’s sandwich and he’s telling me to make him another one. LOL!!

  • FashionableLena

    I like slides 7 & 14.
    As much as I like a good over the top bag (my Balenciaga still has all of the tassels AND I put a pouf on it)m these see a bit overdone. This is definitely for their younger market.

    If they can afford it.

    • Dianeghain4

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  • Sara

    Same two bags in different variations. Too over the top. I would get sick of it quickly.

    • Sara

      On the other hand, if my favorite brand Betsey Johnson were to make these bags, they would be classy. I would buy them all quickly.

  • Aoedele

    Not usually a fan of Coach, but I like all the bags, specially #’s 6, 7, 11, 15, 18, 20, 24, 25, 26 and 31.

  • pinkngreenpurse

    It’s amazing how if some of the higher end designers would have come up with these bags….people would love them, but since its Coach they are “overdone”…….

    • Kimmy


    • jh87

      Exactly! That’s because everyone only wants to buy the name, not the bag.

  • Irene

    Someone pleeeez tell me those patches are removable. That rogue bag is solid. WHY would you do that?! Self sabotage? I don’t get it.

    • Kimmy

      Yes the patches are removable. There are other rouge bags in glovetanned leather that are solid leather too.

  • Kimmy

    The rouge bag is amazing. Best bag ever. Anyone who sees it will fall head over heals for it. I purchased the first one in my state.

    • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

      Tell us about your Rogue. I LOVE the look of that bag and I’ll get my paws on one sooner or later.

  • lavinia

    Some are interesting but I do not recognize Coach here and for a brand to say “yes this is definitely Coach” is important. There is a big lack of direction for me…

  • susan

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  • Nancy K

    Sadly not one of these makes me want to shop. If someone gifted me #3 I’d take it but probably I’d never pay for anything in this collection. Bummer.

  • Julie Semple Stam

    I want a Rogue bag but I much prefer the plain ones over the embellished ones. I am a Coach fan but there is a bit too much going on with a lot of these bags; I think you would tire of them pretty quickly. I prefer a more classic look.

  • Slim

    So happy Coach is being resurrected!

    • Jade

      me too!

  • crista

    Sales Bin Fall ’16. So ugly and off the mark. These bags are everything consumers are not looking for. Over-styled. Those buckles-what the hell? Is it 1990? Fire this designer please. Coach-think minimalism, clean lines and quality, not over the top tacky. Yuck.

  • crista

    Ugly at any pricepoint from any designer.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Anya Hindmarch like embellishments

  • Kate

    Nice to see Coach clawing its way out of the outlet market and getting back to its roots by focusing on quality leather workmanship. I don’t love these bags, but I think they have a lot of potential.

  • Loli100

    The Togue handbag is stunning. It is a handbag that must be seen in person. Photos do not capture her beauty. Only the “Runway” Rogue sported the non removable patches. They have all sold out with the red suede disappearing immediately. The Rogue released to the flagship stores are leather with the outer slip pockets lined in suede and no patches to be seen (I promise). The soft leather is of high quality, as is the suede, giving the bag a sense of luxury. The top stiff handles can be inverted out of sight into the open exterior slid pockets so you can carry the bag like a true shoulder bag without handles interrupting the simple lines. Coach is bringing back many of their classic features so you will find a French coin purse attached inside the main compartment as well as a long strapped key holder. This is a handbag meant for the professional women on the go, for the sophisticated person who seldomly dresses down, for the classic lady who prefers to carry her handbag by the handles or for the young women who takes her budgeted wardrobe to the next level by adding a luxury piece. It is a bag meant to stand the test of times. It is not a trendy purse. So go to a flagship store and check it out. You will be impressed by its classic lines and attention to detail; but you will be convinced by its functionality.

    I meant this to be a constructive criticism. If you were as spellbound as I was at first sight of this bag, please share your experience. Good day.

  • Elle Dechene

    I thought I would see Coach bags. What happened?

  • tk

    I am obsessed with the Rogue. It might possibly be the best handbag. It suits my needs perfectly and as someone else mentioned it is stunning in person. The pictures really don’t do it justice. The quality of this bag is fantastic when you consider what some people pay for a canvas bag with a name brand. I just purchased my second one for the fall. I see more in my future!

  • Ping Yan

    This is the best collection from Coach these years!