Mandy Moore with Coach Ergo ToteOne of the biggest celebrity fans of Coach handbags is Mandy Moore. The casual appeal of many Coach bags is perfect for Mandy’s style and she constantly opts for their exotic line of bags. Most recently Mandy Moore has been spotted toting the hard to find Coach Ergo Convertible Tote, which can be carried hand held or over the shoulder with the removable shoulder strap. This tote is not easy to find, as it is not online right now but you may try your luck in your local boutique. It is available in black, white, burnt orange, and natural. The beauty of the bag is how it can be worn three ways; traps are also removable to create a large daytime clutch or keep them on to wear like Mandy as a fold over style, or as a tote in hand. I love how the bag is not overpowering but still looks great on the boho chic look Mandy tends to sport. Price is $478 through your local Coach retail store or through Nordstrom online.

Coach Ergo Tote

Coach Ergo Tote

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  • Anilu Magloire

    Megs, you’re killin’ me today with all these posts.
    Now I “need” one and it’s al your fault :wink:

  • Kara

    Looks like the foley & corina tote which you can get cheaper with a code!

    • Erin

      what do you mean by with a code?

  • lex

    if anyone is looking for it, its up on the nordstrom website

  • tina

    a totally FC tote! but i’m thinking the leather on this might be better but not into the stitching overall!

  • william

    It’s good to see Coach continue to release tastefully designed, simple bags in leather rather than the unsightly monogram.

  • lqyb

    surprised.never a logo Coach fan,for the price,this is a decent bag.agree with William.

  • Kaytey

    I’m with everyone calling this a rip-off of the Foley + Corinna city tote – because it totally is. This hwole convertible thing started with FC, I’m convinced, and they do it best, imo. Luna Boston carries their stuff, and I think GRECHEN might still get you 20% off.
    …Plus, their colours are nicer. :p

  • Emily Booth

    Uh, Coach came out with the hole (it’s a handle) back in the 90s.

  • Ferarri

    I carry a leather coach bag around and no one here knows it is a coach because it has no monograms. Our people here are crazy over monogramed bags. Well, I am properly the 10% here who buy coach in full leather.

    • Sailor’s Wife

      All Leather here too!! I hate the momogram stuff. I feel like it is a walking advertisment for the company. BUT I love the all leather because they take a beating and keep up a good apperance for years. (with proper TLC)

  • rosemary

    I just scored on one of these bags, dark laether. I got it %75 off and it is perfect. I love love love it.

  • rosemary

    I just scored on one of these bags, a dark leather. I got it %75 off and it is perfect. I love love love it.

  • kb

    rosemary, where did you find it 75% off? i am dying to have this bag and cannot find a good deal on it anywhere.

  • ariadna

    I just loooove this bag. I looked for it all over western US in the fall and I couldn’t find it anywhere!!!! Finally, I paid the full price for a mahogany, and since then, I bought it in every color (black, natural, burned orange and ivory). The only color I miss is magenta, but is not one of my faves. I never found it at 75% off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ew

    My friend and I just got one from a Coach Outlet. We got the deep pink color. Just love it. We paid for $140. Just on Ebay. the cheapest is $199. Still a good deal. Search for “coach 12250”

  • cape

    i just got this bag in magenta at an outlet store for 140, and have to say that it is my absolute favorite out of all the coach bags ive had. the color is gorgeous, the leather is so soft, and even though the style is from last year i still think it is a refreshing change from the shapes and colors coach has been putting out these past few seasons. monograms make me want to gag. i just dont see quality in nylon tote styles with C C C screaming all over them.

  • cape

    oh, and the color really isnt magenta at all… more of a dark rasberry. very pretty!

  • Discount Shopping

    I LOVE this service!