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  • SpringandMercer

    Balenciaga, Alaia, Mulberry and Stella McCartney. All of the above bags reminded me of those designers, in that order. I think they are all beautiful, but it was honestly the first thought that came to my mind as I scrolled down…am I crazy?

    • Jal

      Literally the exact same thought.

      • SpringandMercer

        we both can’t be crazy…:-)

    • J

      Ralph Lauren too for some reason..

      • kindled

        I agree

      • erindours

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    • Yazi

      No, I also immediately thought of Balenciaga.

  • C

    The photography and the styling is beautiful! I love everything…except the bags. I much prefer Reed Krakoff’s Coach to this new direction. As SpringandMercer said, these bags do remind me of Balenciaga, but without the unique hardware and tightly edited shapes.

    • LoriEHutcherson

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    • kindled

      I agree–there’s nothing wrong with the photos but these bags are just so, so ugly.

  • Kathy Dowdle

    Nope. You aren’t crazy, unless we are suffering some kind of mass dementia! The photography is beautiful, and I actually love the bags (especially the small aqua bag), but they aren’t really Coach are they?!

  • BrianG

    I like the photos and the styling, but the bags are not doing it for me. It’s like they’re trying to hard yet still missing the mark! I’m still waiting for that luxury/high end look


  • AAAA

    I don’t think they look like Balenciaga. I think they look like a Target knockoff of Balenciaga. Not a fan.

  • anorthwind

    I love this collection, especial the bags! This is a great new direction for Coach. Reed was too boring. I”m glad they have changed it up.

  • bir

    hmmmmm they are frankensteins of so many other brands and the fact that there is so much meatl on these bags … they were doing better with their simple all leather this is just way too much

  • Lcs

    Photography and Models look great…BAGS NO BUENO! Not a fan

  • Sly

    Let’s see how sales are. When all these ladies who love their $300 coach bag are now being asked to pay $600 and more.
    It’s glam, and gorgeous, and I’m here for that, but let’s be real I don’t have mad cash and Coach is where I go to get nice looking, AFFORDABLE handbags for Mothers Day. Like I don’t have $1,214.43 ( The price of the tote pictured in the first pic) to drop on a Tote!
    *Off to Michael by Michael Kors*


  • Selene Spencer

    Coach has to work not only on their design but their quality as well. They need to reinforce their brand’s heritage and workmanship. I have been a coach fan for years. But every year I visit the stores less frequently because of the apparent decline in quality. Every year the bags seems less luxurious. Not that their competitors are any better. Even current coach levels of quality out classes Micheal Kor products. However Kors sells his products on flash and design which Coach lacks. Coach is getting creamed by competitors like Kors and Tory Burch and they need to bring up their game. Their’s no reason they can’t. They just need to improve their quality and bring it up to the old days of the brand before they end up like Cole Haan.

  • renyoj

    These look like sad knockoffs of other designer bags. Coach has/had an iconic style. I was hoping to see Stuart take that style in a new, but recognizable direction.

  • Toya

    Love those bags

  • M. Andrew

    What most people don’t understand is that Coach is a brand founded in leather-goods and superior craftsmanship. This is the way its always been, however they’ve hurt themselves by implementing many changes such as the “signature” fabric bags and the openings of outlets. I will say this because it doesn’t seem to be well known: Outlet product is made specifically for the outlet and less than 5% of full price product will ever end up in the outlet. It goes back to the old adage: you get what you pay for. If you pay $98 don’t expect your bag to last you the same amount of time as one that you spent $358 on. It’s not the same quality and you should know better. With that being said, Coach is trying to transform their brand and appeal to a more exclusive clientele. The new Coach girl is edgy and has a strong sense of self and classic American style. She’s more youthful, she isn’t the stay-at-home mom. She’s downtown chic and unafraid of being intimidating. And truthfully if you can’t afford their new prices, then probably don’t want your business. This Coach girl isn’t a trend-chaser like the MK girl. Also, the bags in these ads are exclusives and wont be available in every Coach store. There will still be bags with lower price points and but they style is changed from here on out.

  • Renee

    I agree, they are definately inspired. However, isn’t that why we pay the big bucks$ for these top designers?
    They “design”. The mid range brands merely follow the trend and make a product that most people can afford to buy.