Celebrate the Holidays (Waste Free) With Coachtopia

Coach's new circular-focused brand launches its first holiday campaign

Launched earlier this year, Coachtopia, a sub-brand of one of the most iconic American Heritage brands, continues its commitment to sustainability and circular fashion this holiday season. Tapping into Coach’s more than 80 years of expertise in leathercraft, Coachtopia reimagines the product lifecycle and helps to rebrand what sustainability means to consumers.

Part of its mission is to reduce the use of new, virgin materials and instead prioritize recycled materials and scraps. This is done in a way that not only gives products a second life but proves that sustainability can also be stylish.

Have a Wasty Holiday

Coachtopia’s commitment to circularity and the education surrounding it continues this winter, and launching today is its first-ever holiday campaign. Cheekily dubbed “A Wasty Holiday,” the new imagery takes a stand against overconsumption, which becomes magnified during the holiday season.

Helping to disrupt the typical holiday narrative, Coachtopia’s holiday season launches with a film starring Coactopia member Lola Tung. The story centers around a creature called Wasty, meant to showcase the beautiful Coachtopia products designed following Coach’s Made Circular™ principles. The film offers a reimagined, waste-free way to celebrate the holiday season and aims to elicit inspiring conversations surrounding the wastefulness of the holidays.

A Coachtopia Christmas

Stills from the campaign showcase a range of Coachtopia products, all crafted from upcrafted, recycled, and recyclable materials. The images showcase a range of bags, like the beloved Ergo, which quickly sold out with Coachtopia’s first launch. The Ergo appears in its fan-favorite checkerboard patchwork version and is reimagined in new materials like Upcrushed Upcrafted Leather. Unique ready-to-wear pieces are also offered, like a new checkerboard vest that looks ultra-luxe and is upcrafted from shearling scraps. View more from the campaign below, which just launched today, and shop Coachtopia holiday via Coach.


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  1. Carol Avatar

    These are really cute – but I think I would be more inclined to consider purchasing (especially as a gift for some of the younger women in my life) if Coash was more transparent about the materials used. I love that the bags are made with re-used materials – but is it leather or plastic or some other material(s)? And if it’s some mix of materials, great, but what does that mean? I also don’t necessarily care that the price is pretty high considering the cute designs and the necessity to fund sustainable changes to the fashion industry, but I’m not crazy about subsidizing plastic, which has been recycled effectively for several decades now (I don’t see a need to continue to subsidize plastic use). I think a brand that can act sustainably and transparently would be truly unique in the market. I just don’t love the use of “leather” to describe a material that may or may not be actual leather – it doesn’t inspire me to purchase, unfortunately.

    1. OutOfOffice Avatar

      I agree with this 100%. I think Coach really had the potential to take recycled leather mainstream, but executed poorly without transparency does the opposite.

    2. Nell Avatar

      I’ve been enjoying the Coachtopia campaign, and on the website it is actually pretty clear about what the products are made from and where that material is coming from, they have it listed under the details link. I agree that some of the product naming leads to a bit of ambiguity, but it’s much clearer when looking at products themselves online, which I find helpful at least!

      1. Carol Avatar

        When they launched I did not feel that way – but I will certainly give the website another going over – thank you!

  2. Georgina Avatar

    I bought one of their summer cherry bags and love it!