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The concept of sustainability and circular fashion are hot-button topics now more so than ever. More and more brands are looking for ways to introduce a sustainable mindset to their values. Back in 2021, Coach introduced its (Re)Loved program, which allowed consumers to trade it gently used bags which are then refurbished, reimagined, remade, or recycled. Recently, the brand launched Coachtopia, furthering its commitment to circular fashion.

Described as a collaborative lab for innovation within Coach, it was founded with a mission to accelerate the brand’s transition towards a circular economy in fashion. Coachtopia is more than just a sub-brand under the Coach umbrella. Coachtopia is all about community, a collective of designers, thinkers, and consumers who all share a common goal that circularity is the future of fashion.

Made From Waste

Known for its leather expertise, Coach taps into that 80+ year heritage to transform waste into things that can be used and loved. Bags like the Ergo, which is made with up-crafted or recycled leather scraps, help curb waste by utilizing scraps that might otherwise have gone into a landfill.

Coachtopia Ergo Bag
Coachtopia’s Ergo Bag

Coachtopia was founded in part with a mission to reduce the use of new, virgin materials and instead prioritize recycled materials and scraps. An example of this is using luxury leather production scraps which are left over after a bag pattern has been cut from a leather hide. Additionally, the sub-brand explores materials that are more eco-friendly than conventionally sourced materials. This includes leather from farms that use regenerative agricultural practices.

Inspired not only by a shared commitment to bettering our earth, Coachtopia was also largely influenced by the passion of its Coach community, including Generation Z, who continuously shares their ideas about its products and concepts. It’s that new community that has helped set a precedent for what they wish to see from a brand, and Coach is committed to meeting those expectations with Coachtopia.

Coachtopia’s first drop sold out in the blink of an eye, but new products launch today, April 25th, and you can shop them now via Coach.


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