Channel Your Inner New Yorker With the Coach Cashin Carry Tote

The quintessential tote everyone's closet needs

In late 2021, it was apparent that fashion was back in New York. With COVID-19 vaccinations rolled out and ramped up, in-person fashion shows had finally resumed, and many of us in the industry were attending our first shows and events for the first time in a year and a half. Coach has always been known for putting on an incredible show, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting in on one, you can feel the energy of New York in the room.

Coach Spring 2022

The backdrop for the Coach Spring 2022 show was a bright, breezy, sunny afternoon, which felt like an ode to the quintessential New Yorker. The overall vibe of the collection possessed that downtown-cool energy that true New Yorkers know. The pieces were a mix of elevated basics and amped-up streetwear—it felt very much like the Coach of today. As for the bags, one stole the show, toted by models throughout in a myriad of colors, sizes, and fabrics.

Cocah Cashin Carry Tote 4

The Coach Cashin Carry Tote

For Spring 2022, Coach took a deep dive into its extensive archives, reinventing its once-beloved staple: the Cashin Carry tote. Designed by Coach’s first lead designer, Bonnie Cashin, the tote was modeled after a paper shopping bag, simple but sleek; Cashin expressed that it is the “best-designed handbag in the world,” so she didn’t try to improve on it.

This season, the Cashin Carry returns in a few sizes — a mini, 20, 22, and 32. It is the ideal simple but functional carryall that we all love and need. While the mini and the 20 are more in line with the micro bag trend that doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon, the larger sizes are reminiscent of the workhorse bags of the 90s and early 2000s. Only this time, they’re offered in more than just basic black.

A myriad of fun colors and prints appear this season, with deep, bold hues like green, blue, and orange showcasing Coach’s attention to leather. The bag is simple, but isn’t that what a tote should be? No frills, no fuss, just function? We photographed the Cashin Carry 32 in both smooth glove-tanned leather as well as in regenerative leather, which is produced in line with the brand’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. The regenerated leather has a pebbled finish.

The Cashin Carry 32 features a magnetic snap closure, internal pockets, and two shoulder straps that can be interchanged. Conversely, the Cashin Carry 20 has one leather shoulder strap for crossbody wear, which works with the bag’s petite size. The Trompe L’oeil Printed tote is also crafted from glove-tanned leather, undergoing an innovative printed-embossing technique to create a stylish optical illusion. Whether you crave style, function, or both, there’s a Cashin Carry to suit your needs.

Discover the range of Cashin Carry Totes via Coach


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