Tory Burch is known for her ballet flats (over done but I absolutely love them!). Then there is the casual and comfortable clothing, that I am obsessed with as it is perfect for Florida, and a less known staple but a growing mark from Tory, her handbags. And while many of her handbags only seem fitting for a beach bag, it is the Tory Burch Resin Clutches that have caught my attention recently. There are many major perks to these clutches. First off, you have to be the messiest and most unlucky person in the world to ruin it by spilling anything on it. The clutches will wipe off nearly anything, making them ideal for a bar or any situation where someone may spill (which is indeed often). The size is perfect for your hand hand, 4.5″H x 8″L x 1″D. Then there is the plethora of colors; every option to suit your fancy, just like her Ballet Flats. The look is simple, yet modern with the sleek gleam of resin and ribbed texture. There is a Tory Burch logo medallion on the front and snap closure. I’ll take one!

Tory Burch Provence Pink Resin Clutch | $295 via Shop Bop

Tory Burch Print Resin Clutch | $295 via Shop Bop

Tory Burch Decoy Resin Clutch | $206 via Shop Bop

Tory Burch Ivory Resin Clutch | $295 via Shop Bop

Tory Burch Coconut Resin Clutch | $206 via Shop Bop

Tory Burch Blue Resin Clutch | $295 via Shop Bop

Tory Burch Black Resin Clutch | $295 via Shop Bop

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  • I have been eyeing her stuff. While I don’t like her bags much, I really love these clutches… A lot!!

  • megs

    These are really cute! I really am thinking I would like one too. Not sure which, but so many colors offered!

  • I want the green one and I WANT IT NOW!!

  • They’re very cute and the colours are fab.

  • Now that is a “clean” clutch. The lines are just so….”striking”…I think that’s the word I’m looking for.


    I just can’t get over the lines!

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  • Leslie

    While the colors are cute, etc…I have a really hard time paying close to $300 on something that doesn’t have a drop of leather on it.

    • AJC

      Leslie: I just got the tortoise effect printed clutch this past weekend at BG — it’s stunning IRL and fits a hand perfectly. As to the leather – from what I can tell they’re all leather lined (unless it’s a pleather, but don’t think so as far as my knowledge goes: but Amanda or Megs, please correct me if I’m wrong).

      So you do get a stunning exterior with classy leather lined interior. And I do like that the logo plaque isn’t too big – not such a fan of TB logo, but this one’s ok.

  • shawniebabe

    Overpriced for the quality..I have the tortoise effect clutch and it’s no way possible that a $300 dollar purse should be coming apart due to usage. I haven’t spilled or had to wipe anything and now the resin is coming up on the edges of my purse…not cool Tory!

    • kate

      I had exact same clutch and the resin is coming up on the edges of my purse after one use. I am contacting Tory burch customer service.