Stella McCartney Embroidered Sequin Clutch

If you are looking for a clutch that will grab your attention and that of others, I’ve got a clutch for you. In fact, I come across clutches all the time that I think are pretty fantastic but I have a justification for them. This clutch kind of fits into this category, but at the same time there is something just absolutely gorgeous about this Stella McCartney clutch; something that I can’t stop loving.

Per usual, Stella McCartney knows how to take a good idea and move it into the great handbag category. So, I was actually thrilled to see the Stella McCartney Embroidered Sequin Clutch. It was actually a bit surprising to see this as a Stella McCartney design, but I am loving it. This brown canvas clutch is adorned with multicolored flower-pattern sequin embellishments. With the dark undertones, gold-tone hardware is a great way to do. A chain wrist strap compliments this fold open clutch with a clasp at the top. The great part about this clutch is that it is season prevailing. It will be something you can carrying today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now and still get compliments. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1025.

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  • Sarah

    Stella’s purse collection this year has got to be one of my favorites for her. Since I am probably only going to buy one purse this next season I think I will probably get this one from her line

  • whatdialike

    c’est particulier je ne suis pas sure d’aimer.

  • poodle

    I think there is waaaaaay to much going on here… It is apparent that the designers went sequin crazy here. I wish Stella would go back to the more chic and muted aesthetic that made her so glamorous to begin with…

  • coco13

    It looks really home made which isn’t good.

  • 19yearslater

    This is lovely. It caught my eye right away but as Shannon pointed out has a timeless aspect to it.

  • MizzJ

    Hmm I think I’d have to see this in person to decide on this one. It’s kinda cool, but it’s also bordering on tacky with the OTT sequinness

  • mmm

    looks like something you can find in china town…sorry, i think it is ugly.

    • Merve

      the moment i read yr comment…i was like THATS IT…chinatown. thats what this clutch reminds me of.

  • Jane

    I would love to see it in person, but I think it is so fun and elegant. I love mad men the tv show and I could see Joan rocking this clutch.

  • Mochababe73

    I don’t even need to see it in person because a picture is worth a thousand words. This bag is ugly. The “brown canvas clutch” with sequins is not worth the money. I’d rather plop down $1000 for something made of leather.

  • mark gil anthony plaza

    Stella McCartney knows how to take a good idea and the great handbag category maybe its a quality because it made of a leather ….It so nice and beautiful embroidered sequined clutch…more

  • stefaniewhite

    This piece is both dignified and graceful…nice~

  • Naggy

    This looks like an arts and craft store shelf fell on top of a clutch with superglue all over it.

  • Naggy

    This looks like an arts and craft store shelf fell on top of a clutch with superglue all over it. It looks so messy and random.(ipad)