I have a purple obsession. Not a small liking, an extreme loving of the color! Back in high school, as I was still trying to find my style and way in the world, I read in Cosmo magazine that girls with blue eyes and blond hair look best in purple. Now at that time, I was not much of a girly color lover. There was no pink, or frills, or glitter. I was all about the color blue, but purple really went from being my frienemie to my friend around junior year. Furthermore, purple can be in deep sultry shades that are ravishing. I read that magazine article, I started tuning into my girly side a bit, and bought a cute purple and white backpack for the new school year. Since then, my infatuation with purple has grown immensely. The color really does look amazing on me, so I try to wear it often. And one of my favorites ways to bring purple into my wardrobe is through handbags.

I adore my Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Montaigne Clutch in purple, it is my companion for many occasions. But for dress down, I would love another funky purple clutch to play around with. I found an array of great options at Shop Bop that are perfect for my casual style. Now it is time to narrow it down and pick one out! Which purple clutch would you pick?

Jack Rabbit Collection Oversized Clutch | $446 via Shop Bop

Gustto Cambo Clutch | $355 via Shop Bop

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Clutch | $278 via Shop Bop

Kooba Andie Clutch | $325 via Shop Bop

Rebecca Minkoff Rendezvous Patent Clutch | $375 via Shop Bop

Lauren Merkin Diana Sponged Lambskin Clutch | $175 via Shop Bop

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Nicole

    Jack Rabbit or Rebecca Minkoff!

  • mette

    I really like purple too, there are so many shades to adore. Unfortunately I don´t fancy any of the clutches pictured. There really is something a miss with everyone.

  • Lauren

    Definitely the Rebecca Minkoff!!

  • lunatwinkle

    RM all the way!

  • That RM patent one is perfection!! I need one now.

  • Anoka

    Gustto Cambo Clutch or the Marc. All of them are gorgeous though :mrgreen:

  • lula_bernie

    I love the Kooba clutch. I guess I am an odd one. I had a red bag once and currently have a red laptop bag. I found out the hard way that unless it’s a more neutral color (black, grey, sand, white, etc.), I will wear it once (or for a week) and then never again. So, I just look at the beautiful bolder colors that are the current trend….

    • I’m the total opposite – I won’t even buy neutral bags anymore (and actively hate brown bags) because they just sit in my closet while the bright colors get all the wear.

      • lula_bernie

        We need to raid each others handbag stores. :lol:

  • Jess

    Tie between the MbMJ one (I love the stud detailing!) and the RM one (the patent is gorgeous).

    • windowshopping

      Totally agree!

      • Sara

        totally agree, i love the marc jacobs one!!!

  • Marie

    I love the color purple too…as for the clutch I would have to say the Rebecca Minkoff.

  • Chris

    I believe for dressing down, the Marc Jacobs one would suit you best. I absolutely LOVE the silver detials it.

    The Gustto seems unfinished to me.

    The Rebecca Minkoff seems a tad too big to dress down, as does the Jack Rabbit. I love oversized clutch’s. but not these.

    Throw the Lauren Merkin out. Now.

    Although, the Kooba is very classy.

  • Chris

    If you would take the strap off of the Lauren Merkin, Then I would reconsider that one. I’m assuming you can tuck the straps into the clutch itself.

  • Kaytey

    I like the colour of the Gustto, but the all-over shape of the MBMJ. Don’t care for the others at all, and I really never caught the RM craze. :) More for you guys,

  • Maria

    Love the Rebecca Minkoff

  • Kooba and Gustto! Though I have always loved purple in all its shades, they didn’t seem as popular till this upcoming fall season. Good selection there :wink:

  • lipvixen

    Yes, I too am obsessed with purple purses. It’s funny because my favorite color is bordeaux/ wine red. I like the rich purples though like grape, eggplant, royal purple and plum. :grin:

  • Betty

    MbMJ all the way. I have it in black and i absolutely love it!!

  • Anna
  • Emma

    I am totally adored with RM…the color amazes me.

  • w.y.h

    Jack Rabit and Gustto Cambo ones are the best….

    How about lighter shades of purple clutches? I have the LV epi HONFLEUR in LILAC (a discontinued color). It has such a beautiful shade of lilac that I really fell in love with but unfortunately, I had only worn it about 3 times all this time. I wonder why myself too. I am seriously thinking to sell it now as it just sits in my closet. :sad:

  • I really like the Gustto and Rebecca Minkoff myself. All of them are great though. Shopbop has some great stuff especially if you can get things on sale!


  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Purple – check out this gorgeous clutch that I just bought. Perfect for the evening http://www.lunaboston.com/ProductInfo/Aksuona/19511.aspx

  • Anapena

    I can relate! My favorite color since high school. I just don’t have the gutts to wear i that often. Thumbs up!!!