Bottega Veneta Pink Quarzo Clutch

Ok so I must admit, I caught the BV bug bad. Call the Dr, cause I am sick!! ­čśÇ From my brand new stunning Old Petra to my ostrich pig key chain, my BV collection is slowly growing. So just the other day, I threw on a chic dress and joined Vlad for another shopping trip to Bal Harbour. Word of advice, if you are looking to save money, do NOT go shopping with Vlad and I. We started off in Bottega Veneta, just ‘browsing’. The minute I popped into that store it was over. For starters, I bought another pig key chain for a friend! Then Vlad and I saw such an amazing BV Croc Elephant Key Chain. One second after seeing it, we asked for it, and BAM, we were buying it. Now the story goes that I promised Vlad a new key chain, just because he is who he is (yep, I am all sweet and stuff). Having a long history of loving Elephants in his family, this struck Vlad immediately and it was perfect. So all of a sudden I had a key chain for a friend, a key chain for Vlad, and nothing for me. One truly is the loneliest number.

Bottega Veneta Croc Elephant Key Chain

Again, I proceeded to happen upon the counter and see a beautiful pink clutch. The Bottega Veneta Pink Quarzo Clutch caught my eye and caught my wallet. Stunning pink woven leather, a clever closure (expand by pressing open/closed), and a really feminine rose detailing on both sides. All of a sudden my mouth miraculously opened and uttered the phrase “I’ll take it!” WHAT?! I thought I just bought a brand new designer bag. But, alas, this is the nature of the beast, the designer handbag loving beast. I was offered water while paying the bill which calmed me down a bit.

Bottega Veneta Pink Quarzo Clutch1

And then… we headed to Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour. Stay tuned for the LV loot story later!! ­čść


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